Bangkok, Thailand

Welcome to the Khlong Toey Music Program, in Bangkok, Thailand

  Khlong Toey Music Program – Thailand Discover the Khlong Toey Music program, created nearly 7 years ago in the slums of Bangkok thanks to the hard work of Geraldine Nemrod and her team. The program is located in one of the poorest areas of the Khlong Toey district and is open 5 days a … Read More

Diamante, Argentina

PFC Diamante – Video Overview

  PFC Diamante, Argentina Meet with the team and the students at PFC Diamante and learn more about this music program located in Diamante, Entre Ríos, Argentina. Located 350km north-west of Buenos Aires, Diamante is a seedbed for musicians, however it didn’t have a space where traditional music was being taught for free and dedicated … Read More

Bangkok, Thailand

Meet with Awitra

Khlong Toey Music Program – Thailand  Meet with Awitra a 16 years old student who wants to become a singer in future and see how learning music is impacting positively her life. “Music is way to release my troubles”

Our team reports from our music program in Bangladesh

A video update from Dhaka, Bangladesh, where our team is visiting our students and staff at the Mirpur Music Program. Meet with our executive director, Jake Groshong and hear his testimony from the ground in Bangladesh.

Meet with Nahuel, guitar student in Argentina

  Guitar Student PFC Patagonia, Argentina Nahuel Arin is a 12-year old guitar student at the PFC Patagonia music program and this is the second year he participates with his father in this music program. Nahuel began playing guitar at age 11 and today is part of the PFC Patagonia assembly that plays in various … Read More

Udayapur Community VIPs Honor Mother’s Society 10 Years Of Service

  By William Aura Mother’s Society member Sarita Khadka and daughter Subeksha.   Tintale Village, Nepal | In the final days of our time in Tintale village, PFCF administrator Shyam Basnet receives a call from Bhim Kumari Raut – the vice mayor of Katari municipality. She accepts his invitation to meet representatives from PFCF and publically … Read More

Tamale, Ghana

Bizung students perform the Sinte dance

Bizung School Of Music & Dance We are happy to share with you this video recorded at The Bizung School of Music & Dance with our students performing the Sinte dance, a traditional dance from Guinea.

Master Teacher Joins Forces With Udayapur Music Program In Katari

   By William Aura About 10-hours from Kathmandu and located in the Udayapur district of south-eastern Nepal, Katari is the nearest municipality to Tintale village. It’s a humble little town nestled next to the majestic Tawa river and surrounded by a number of villages including Tintale. Simple farmers bring their crops to market in Katari and … Read More

A Community Transforms At The Udayapur Music Program In Tintale Village

    By William Aura From the Kathmandu valley, it’s about a ten-hour jeep ride to reach the Terai region in the Udayapur district. (The low-lying land at the foot of the Himalayas is known as the Terai.) The journey is a dizzying zigzag through the Himalayan foothills. Fortunately, because of the new dirt road from … Read More

iPad Multi-Track Recording Comes To Musica Music Institute

  By William Aura Strolling through the Lalitpur section of old Kathmandu is often a dreamy experience. There’s a peaceful timelessness that resides here 24/7. Lalitpur is best known for its rich cultural heritage, particularly its tradition of arts and crafts. We grab our gear, head out and walk briskly through the picturesque royal square of … Read More

Mitrata Nepal Partners With Local High School To Expand Music Program

Mitrata Nepal is a home for underprivileged children as well as orphans, who live together as a family under the guidance of Nanda Kulu. Nanda and her staff are dedicated to bringing about real change in their lives. Her mission is an inspiration to us all. The PFCF Nepali ambassador crew consisting of Shivika Karki, … Read More

Playing For Change Day 2019: September 21st | Join the global event

PLAYING FOR CHANGE DAY was created in 2011 to unite the global community through the power of music. On Playing For Change Day, communities will gather as musicians and music lovers from all over the world to perform on stages, street corners, schools, yoga studios, and cafes all with the goal of bringing music into … Read More

Students from The Ohio State University visit our music program in Ghana

  A group of business students from The Ohio State University are currently at the Bizung School of Music & Dance in Tamale, Ghana working on a consulting project focused on making the on-site recording studio into a sustainable revenue source. Student Megan Fisher shares the group’s experience at this music and dance program: “Myself … Read More

A journey from Bangladesh to Nepal

Tuhin Asad meets with our program team in Nepal

Last week, our administrator and music teacher in Bangladesh, Tuhin Asad, returned from a trip in Nepal, where he visited several PFCF music programs. A few months ago, William Aura and Nepali program administrators Shyam Basnet and Ishor Bajracharya visited to the Mirpur Music program in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Since then Tuhin could not wait to return … Read More

Junior Teacher, Ghana


Junior Teacher Bizung School of Music & Dance – Ghana “My name is Anala Abdul Halik. I am 26 years. I am a student of Bizung School Of Music And Dance. I started attending music school in the year 2010. I have been in school over 10 years now. I learned to play the following … Read More

Administrator, Ghana

Adajo Stephen

Administrator Bizung School of Music & Dance – Ghana “Adajo Stephen is my name. I am 34 years of age. I attend Bizung School Of Music and Dance in Tamale-Ghana where I have currently been assigned to administrate. I am the fifth born among my seven siblings and the only one who sought to pursue … Read More

Drums Teacher, Ghana

Abdul Razak Fatawu

Drums Teacher Bizung School of Music & Dance – Ghana “I am 31 years old. I am one of the great-grandsons of the “Naa-Bizung”. I am therefore from the Bizung clan and lineage of the Dagomba Kingdom (Dagbong Kingdom). Growing up just like every child in the Bizung family, I was taught by my father … Read More

Sound Engineer Lei Lacoste visits Joudour Sahara

Lei Lacoste, a French sound engineer who works with renowned Moroccan musician Oum, recently visited the Joudour Sahara music program in M’hamid el Ghizlane to lead sound workshops with local youth. She first met with younger musicians to discuss different styles of music across the world, and to listen to the styles that the young … Read More

Instruments we teach: Morocco


The Moroccan gimbre is a rectangular three stringed bass-like instrument played in traditional Ganga music. This instrument is taught at: Joudour Sahara Music School – Morocco

Instruments we teach: Morocco


The Dendoun is a large barreled drum used in Ganga music that creates a large booming bass sound. This instrument is taught at: Joudour Sahara Music School – Morocco

Discover how lives are forever changed through the power of music and drama

  According to Unicef, 12,000 children are trafficked to India from Nepal every year. Girls and young women are treated as a commodity. Women in Nepal face many challenges due to issues of inequality and injustice in the society. Gender discrimination and gender-based violence are just some of the serious and widespread problems for women. Discover how … Read More

Meet with Thomas, program coordinator in Morocco

 Program Coordinator Joudour Sahara Music Program Thomas Duncan has been living in Morocco for over 6 years. He speaks fluent Arabic as well as several languages from Southern Morocco. Originally from the Washington, D.C. area, he started to work in Morocco with Peace Corps and joined the PFCF team 3 years ago as a … Read More

PFC Patagonia – Video Overview

PFC Patagonia, Argentina Learn more about this music program located in Patagonia and meet with the team. The program in Patagonia is currently carrying out musical and art workshops in 2 nearby locations: in Cinco Saltos, through an agreement with the local municipality, which provides facilities  in 4 peripheral neighbourhoods of the city and in General Roca, where music workshops for … Read More

Music Teacher, Morocco

Kasem Jardouj

Music Teacher Joudour Sahara Music Program Kasem Jardouj is a local musician from the small village of Regabi outside of M’hamid el Ghizlane. He is a self-taught musician, and in February of 2018 went on a tour with local band Generation Taragalte in Mali as part of the Cultural Caravan of Peace. He belongs to … Read More

Dance Teacher, Ghana

Iddrisu Abdul Samed

Dance Teacher Bizung School of Music & Dance – Ghana “I’m Samed, born a Ghanaian from a traditional drummer’s clan (Lung si yilli) in the northern region of Ghana, West Africa. I have so much interest in drumming, singing and dancing to traditional and afro beats. I have a certificate in pedagogical skills from Egedel … Read More

Dance teacher, Ghana

Sadia Mohammed

Dance Teacher Bizung School of Music & Dance – Ghana Mohammed Sadia is a 25 years old young and vibrant lady born and raised in Tamale in the Northern Region of Ghana. Sadia received her Primary and Junior High School education in the neighborhood where she grew up. Growing up in a multi-cultural environment, she … Read More

Student and teachers performance, Mali

Khoussa Kora Balla | Ecole de Musique de Kirina

We are very happy to share with you this video recorded at Ecole de Musique de Kirina with some of our students and teachers. This song named Khoussa refers to Malian traditional instruments originated from a small village named Djambere, in the region of Kayes. It was composed by the Diaba Koita, one of the … Read More

Choir Coordinator, Patagonia

Carla Pavez

Choir coordinator PFC Patagonia, Argentina My name is Carla Gisel Pavez, I am 21 years old, I am a student of the Initial Level Faculty and I am currently acting as an artistic instructor in the municipal school of Cinco Saltos. I am a born resident in the city of Cinco Saltos, province of Rio … Read More

The PFC Foundation receives the Polar Music Prize!

We are humbled, honored, and grateful to announce that The Playing For Change Foundation is a 2019 Polar Music Prize Laureate along with hip hop pioneer Grandmaster Flash, and violinist, Anne-Sophie Mutter. The Polar Music Prize is an award that celebrates the power and importance of music by internationally recognizing excellence in the world of music. Past laureates include Sting, B.B. … Read More

Bass Teacher, Thailand

Achitpal Sarakitphan (Art)

Bass Teacher Khlong Toey Music Program – Thailand Art (Arthur) first studied electone when he was about 8 years old, but he really found interest in music around 15 years old. He started to learn guitar and to jam with his friends in the school band, sometimes playing an instrument, sometimes another. That way, he … Read More

English teacher, Thailand

Sarah Bain

English teacher Khlong Toey Music Program – Thailand Sarah Bain graduated in Scotland with a degree in Primary Education and has been teaching primary school children since 2013. Her teaching career started in Scotland and then, in 2016, she moved to China and taught English Language Arts to Grade 1 & 2 children for a … Read More

Damon Albarn visits our school in Mali

“Last week we had the pleasure to receive the visit of our great friend and supporter Damon Albarn at Ecole de Musique de Kirina, in Mali. Damon has been supporting the music school since his first visit in 2015.  Thanks to Damon’s financial help we have been able to create a water distribution network in … Read More

Coordinator, Patagonia

David Galdame

Coordinator and music teacher PFC Patagonia, Argentina “I’m David Galdame (28 years old), musician, composer, hip-hop teacher, and multimedia producer. I was born in Cinco Saltos, Rio Negro Patagonia, Argentina, and I was raised in a poor neighborhood of the city where I currently live in. I studied in a public school, then received a … Read More

The Blues Goes Back To Its African Roots pt. 2

Our short film “From Mississippi to the Saharan Desert” is out! It tracks the music residency hosted by the Joudour Sahara Music Program with musicians Vasti Jackson, Maya Kyles, and local musicians from the M’hamid region of southern Morocco, and the incredible musical journey that resulted after the residency. Two weeks, blues day and night, … Read More

What We Can Do

Mirpur Music Program – Dhaka, Bangladesh  In teaching others, we teach ourselves. PFCF Nepali administrators Shyam and Ishor reflect on their recent trip to encourage the music students and help advance the music program in Bangladesh. Their first trip to the region had a profound effect on them.

Keyboard Teacher, Bangladesh

Fardin Rahman

Keyboard and music theory teacher Mirpur Music program, Dhaka, Bangladesh Fardin is a young keyboard player from Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is studying Bachelor in English literature at the Bangladesh University of Business and Technology (BUBT). He learned keyboard and song composing in Dhaka and started to provide keyboard and music theory lessons to the children of the Mirpur Music Program … Read More

To Help Each Other

To Help Each Other | Mirpur Music Program – Dhaka, Bangladesh   To the world they may be just a teacher, but to the students that are heroes. Meet Tuhin and Raju from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Together they have created the Mirpur Music Program with the goal of teaching disadvantaged youth living in slum conditions outside … Read More

Thank you

Thanksgiving is one our favourite times of year. Giving thanks, spending time with loved ones over a scrumptious meal and recognizing what is truly important. Love and Community. Thank you for being part of the Playing For Change Foundation community and sharing the love. Your caring has made the foundation work possible such as: This … Read More

Lee Oskar visits the Diamante Music Program

A beautiful performance of our students in Diamante, Argentina with our dear friend and long time supporter Lee Oskar. Learn more about this music program and consider making an impactful donation. LEARN MORE ABOUT PFC DIAMANTE

The Blues Goes Back To Its African Roots

This week in the Sahara desert we have the immense privilege to host a musical residency with maestro Vasti Jackson, a Grammy nominated blues musician from Mississippi, who has worked with Playing For Change for years, and Maya Kyles, a very talented young drummer from Mississippi as well. The two are working with local musicians … Read More

Halik shares his process and inspiration on how he writes a song

  PFCF long-time student Halik shares his process and inspiration on how he writes a song. When Halik first joined the school he was a student and now he is training to become a teacher! This is all thanks to your generous support and our amazing team on the ground. Make sure you support Halik … Read More

Giving Opens The Way

We make a life by what we give. The short film GIVING OPENS THE WAY is an inspirational story about how a righteous donation reaches out and touches hearts halfway around the world for three young girls in remote Tintale Village, Nepal. On behalf of the villagers, we thank Dustin for initiating this special action … Read More

El Amanecer – PFC Diamante/ Tocando en Red

The PFC Diamante team and Tocando en Red just released this beautiful video of the Song “El Amanecer”, a  song by Mexican composers Ramón Gutiérrez Hernández and Laura Rebolloso Cuellar. The video was recorded “live outside” across different locations in Argentina, inspired by the style and the message of the Playing For Change videos. The … Read More

The Valley of Light Project

Our vision is to create a Power Ballad that captures the beautiful, authentic, timeless spirit of Nepal and its international singers and musicians that rock or will rock Nepal! The heart of the project for recording and filming “The Valley of Light” is to increase global awareness around Nepal: Two devastating earthquakes in 2015 and a … Read More


Last Sunday was held once again an amazing music festival in Cala Llonga, Ibiza, to support the mission of the PFC Foundation to bring music, hope and inspiration to children around the world. A huge thank you to the Ibiza team, who put together this incredible event, as well as to all the artists and … Read More

A tribute to Jaime Sarrantonio

Jaime Sarrantonio,  September 1, 1987 – August 17, 2018 Jaime Sarrantonio with a curious mind and an adventurous spirit, in her 30 years did more living than most.  A lifelong lover of music at the tender age of 5 she found a connection in the songs of Jimmy Buffet which she carried throughout her life. … Read More

A huge Thank You from Mali

“I would like to express the gratefulness of all the inhabitants of Kirina. To tell the truth victims were in a situation of distress in this very difficult period now. Indeed, due to the destruction of the houses caused by the torrential rains August, 12th and 13th, 2018. (We) were not surprised to see you stand … Read More

Playing For Change Day 2018 : Call to Action video PLAYING FOR CHANGE DAY was created in 2011 to unite the global community through the power of music. On Playing For Change Day, communities will gather as musicians and music lovers from all over the world to perform on stages, street corners, schools, yoga studios, and cafes all with the goal of bringing music … Read More

Balafon Performance | Kirina, Mali Ecole de Musique de Kirina- Mali PFCF music students Lamine and Moussa Kouyate at the École De Musique de Kirina dedicate their performance of the balafon  to the PFCF family and community.

My return to Ghana

    By Thea Karki One of the things that struck me during my return trip to Ghana was talent, and how it can come from almost anywhere. And that when it is recognized and cultivated incredible things can happen. The first day I visited the Bizung School I sat in a classroom talking to the … Read More

Music And Dance at Bizung (Ghana)

  In early July, students from Tufts University traveled to Ghana to visit the Bizung School of Music & Dance. While the students were there they learned about the local culture through traditional African drumming and dance classes; in addition they had the opportunity to exchange ideas and share their culture with the students and … Read More

Administrator, South Africa

Sibusiso Nyamakazi

Administrator, Imvula Music Program, Gugulethu South Africa Sibusiso Nyamakazi is a writer, public speaker and musician involved in several social and artistic projects in the Cape Town area. He studied Management at the CPUT (Cape Peninsula University of Technology) and joined the Imvula team in 2016. Sbu is the cofounder of the Philippi Music Project, … Read More

Operations Coordinator

Priscilia de Mita

Operations Coordinator Born in Jakarta, Indonesia, Priscilia was raised in a music and arts loving family, which led her to start her piano training at the age of 5, and join a professional children’s choir based in Jakarta a year after. After 12 years of musical training and performing all around the world, she continued … Read More

Mermans Mosengo teaches the blues at the Imvula Music Program  Playing For Change Band member Mermans Mosengo, demonstrates the blues for our students at the Imvula Music program in Guguletu, South Africa.. As Mermans said “Sometimes when there’s a lot of pain, a lot of suffering, music is the way to overcome this pain” we couldn’t agree more!

Cultural Preservation at Joudour Sahara

  Joudour Sahara Music Program, Morocco   The preservation of traditional culture is one of the biggest priorities at our program in M’hamid El Ghizlane. M’hamid is a multi-ethnic, multi-lingual, and multi-cultural community in the Sahara desert comprised of different ethnic tribes who originated from various parts of Saharan and Eastern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, and … Read More

Feel The Heat ! William Aura reports from Tintale, Nepal

On the road again. PFCF Nepal administrator Ishor Bajracharya and myself depart Lalitpur on a rock n’ roll 10-hour jeep ride to remote Tintale village in the Udayapur district of Eastern Nepal. Traveling this route is usually grueling especially when experiencing an Indian-style heat-wave that without any air conditioning quickly reaches the point of being … Read More

Drum Teacher, Thailand

Pichanan Kanhajan (Olive)

Drum Teacher Khlong Toey Music Program – Thailand Olive started to learn drums at the age of 10, as her father was teaching her. She continued to practice on her own as she grew up and in high school she developed an interest for guitar as well. She started to teach herself, then decided to … Read More

Ukulele Teacher, Thailand

Nednapa Inpithak (Num)

Ukulele Teacher Khlong Toey Music Program – Thailand Num started playing music at the age of 7. Her very first teacher was her father and at that time, Num viewed music as a real challenge for her skills. She believed that one had to practice very hard in order to become as good as the … Read More

Piano Teacher, Thailand

Atichat Nakhornchai (Kan)

Piano Teacher Khlong Toey Music Program – Thailand The first time Kan played music was in high school, when his friends persuaded him to join the school music club. The following year he entered the Luk Thung band (Thai country music) at the school until he graduated. He then went on to study music at … Read More

A vocal lesson at the Imvula Music Program in South Africa

Imvula Music Program, Gugulethu, South Africa Check out this beautiful video from the Imvula Music Program Sowabo Primary School vocal students preparing for a local choir contest .  This program brings music education to several primary & secondary schools in the Township of #Gugulethu, outside of Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa. One interesting thing is that this vocal class, as … Read More

Join William Aura in Bangladesh

PFCF Asian program director, William Aura visits the Mirpur Music Program, in Dhaka, Bangladesh WE HAVE ARRIVED IN DHAKA Ishor, Shyam and myself were picked up at the airport by Tuhin and Raju of the PFCF music program here. All of us are enjoying learning about Bangala culture. We share food, get to know each … Read More

Ecole de Musique de Kirina celebrates International Jazz Day de Musique de Kirina- MaliPFCF students at École De Musique de Kirina celebrate International Jazz Day with a special music lesson on jazz for the school’s teachers and students. This lesson covers the history and importance of jazz as well as practicing jazz on traditional Malian instruments, reminding us of the important African roots of jazz music.

Bringing Joy to the Township

  This afternoon has been very special for our music students at the Vuyani Primary School, in Gugulethu (Imvula Music Program), as they received the visit of three amazing musicians from the Republic Democratic of the Congo: Mermans Mosengo, from the Playing For Change Band, Papy « Fou de Son », and Glody, a young and talented … Read More

La Fondation Playing For Change: video de présentation

Depuis 2007, nous utilisons la musique comme un outil de changement, en créant des écoles de musique et des programmes éducatifs à travers le monde. Nous travaillons dans des lieux qui sont généralement riches culturellement, mais pauvres sur un plan économique. Grâce à votre soutien, nous avons développé 15 programmes dans 11 pays à ce … Read More

La Fundación Playing For Change: video de presentación en castellano

Desde 2007, en la Fundación Playing For Change usamos la música como herramienta de cambio, creando escuelas de música y programas educativos en lugares de escasos recursos económicos a través del mundo. Gracias a su apoyo, hemos desarrollado 15 programas en 11 países. Más de 2000 niños aprenden danza, instrumentos musicales, idiomas y teoría musical en clases … Read More

Instruments we teach: South Africa
Instruments we teach: Mali
Joudour Sahara Music Program, Morocco
Percussion & Harmonium Teacher
Instruments we teach: Ghana
Instruments we teach: Ghana
Instruments we teach: Mali
Instruments we teach: Mali