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Get a first-hand look at PFCF's music schools and programs, and see the impact music education is making for children and their communities around the world. 

“Music Gives Us Peace” | Kathmandu, Nepal

In Nepal, there is no government aid for the poor. Annual per capita income is $700 USD. Only 44% of women and girls are literate.
PFCF has come to benefit a special home for underprivileged children in Kathmandu, and this is their story.

PFC Day 2014 Slideshow

PFC Day 2014 featured more than 450 grassroots events in 60 different countries worldwide, all put together by passionate and dedicated individuals who wanted to make a difference. Take a look at just some of the events people organized to help spread awareness of the PFC movement and support PFCF's global music education programs!


Building the Dream | Tintale Village, Nepal

In Tintale Village in rural Nepal, we have been privileged to partner with the Aura Imports Sponsorship Project, which began by building a school there in 2009. With your help, we brought music education to the school.This past year, generous support generated through the PFC Foundation enabled us to add two new rooms to the school to expand the music program and create a cyber-café.

Through ongoing partnerships the village now has solar power, computers and regular connection to the internet for the first time. Last year, volunteer partners also provided vital medical support to the community.

PFC Day 2014: Call to Action

On September 20th, 2014, musicians and music lovers will gather on stages, street corners, and schools for a global day of action to bring music into the lives of children and to promote positive social change everywhere. Join the movement by finding an event or creating your own at playingforchangeday.org
One World, One Voice, One Day.

Jean Paul Samputu on Music and Forgiveness | 20 Years After the Genocide

Twenty years ago, Rwandan musician Jean Paul Samputu was one of the few members of his immediate family who was not killed during the genocide. Here, he speaks with us about his journey to survive, to forgive and to begin again. Music was critical to him finding his way.

Playing For Change Day 2013

Over 315 events in 56 countries worldwide celebrated Playing For Change Day on September 21st, 2013! Thanks to all of our event creators who used their talent and creativity to connect with our Foundation's mission of spreading peace and positive change through music. Visit www.pfcday.org for info on the next PFC Day: September 20, 2014

Stand By Me Scholarship Program

Today, more than 700 children around the world are learning music and dance every week at PFCF schools and programs. Meet some of our current students; they will inspire you. Consider funding a scholarship so that these children and their classmates can experience the joy of music in their lives and they can know what it feels like to have you stand by them. Sponsor a student now at http://playingforchange.org/stand_by_me 

Music Can Stop the War (FEATURE)

We are pleased to present this short documentary film, MUSIC CAN STOP THE WAR, which offers a glimpse into life in Katari and gives the students an opportunity to reveal to us their innermost feelings about the impact of music in their lives. 

Interview with Mphumzi

Mphumzi has been playing drums at the Ntonga music school since the age of ten and was pushed by his uncle, who is a professional Marimba player, to attend the music school. He is now convinced that this instrument is going to change his life and will help him to live a bright future. Mphumzi wants to travel the world to play music and thinks music is helping to reduce crime in the townships. Like most of the children in Gugs, the crime in the township and the lack of jobs worries him and he thinks having more music school would help to improve the situation.