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Get a first-hand look at PFCF's music schools and programs, and see the impact music education is making for children and their communities around the world. 

A Teacher’s Life is Changed | Kirina, Mali

Percussion teacher, Seidou Kone, receives us at his home in a village near Kirina, Mali, and explains how working as a teacher at École de Musique de Kirina in Mali, West Africa, has changed his life and how the music school started by Playing For Change Foundation has made a positive impact in the community.


A Day With Guem, Student at the Kirina Music School | Mali

PFCF music student, Guem, lives in Mali’s capital city of Bamako and travels 30 kilometers by bus to attend classes at École de Musique de Kirina. Meet his friends, follow him on his journey to the music school, and see how studying music has changed his life.


MAKING IT HAPPEN | Music students in Thailand and Nepal make a milestone classroom connection

Two of our Asian Music programs have made a first-ever historic music exchange connection via Skype. The Khlong Toey Music program in Thailand and the Musica Music Institute in Nepal have come together to share their love of music and our PFCF Music programs via a large-screen, real-time internet connection.

Introductions with excited and sometimes astonished students and teachers of both programs were made, cultural differences cheerfully discovered and explored, and inspired heartfelt performances were enthusiastically shared back and forth. This is it – a bold new era has now begun with truly connecting our programs. Thanks to your support, inspiration is soaring.



MUSIC IS MY FRIEND | Musica Music Institute | Lalitpur, Nepal

It's our pleasure to introduce you to the teachers and students of PFCF's newly inaugurated Musica Music Institute in Lalitpur, Nepal. Co-founding brothers and music teachers Dinesh and Mahesh are doing a fabulous job with these talented kids. We are very excited to include them in the PFC family and look forward to a vital program emerging out of Lalitpur, Nepal.


“Qongqothwane (The Click Song)” | Gugulethu, South Africa

Qongqothwane is a traditional song of the Xhosa people of South Africa. It is sung at weddings to bring good fortune. In the western world it is mainly known as The Click Song, a nickname given to the song by European colonials who could not pronounce its Xhosa title, which has many click consonants in it. The Xhosa title literally means "knock-knock beetle", which is a popular name for various species of darkling beetles that make a distinctive knocking sound by tapping their abdomens on the ground. These beetles are believed by the Xhosa to bring good luck and rain.


New Music School in Brazil

The PFC Foundation is launching its first music program in South America in Curitiba, Brazil, thanks to the amazing work of a community that decided to take action through the power of music. Having hosted a record-breaking PFC Day 2014 extravaganza boasting over 100 performances throughout the city, as well as a sold-out PFC Band concert for over 1,400, the Curitiba team inspires all of us and has ignited the PFC passion among the people in Brazil.

Thank You For Believing | Bangkok, Thailand

Khlong Toey Music program founders Aom Amm and Gigi have created a very special program that meets the needs of young children at risk in a notoriously dangerous district in Bangkok, Thailand. In this video production Gigi expresses her heartfelt emotion as she reads a letter of gratitude from PFCF contributor and compassionate heart Judi. You will also meet KTMP Music student Lui. She has discovered a most profound passion for music through our program. She now believes life offers viable alternatives to her often-violent world. This is moving work. And this is what we do.

“Music Gives Us Peace” | Kathmandu, Nepal

In Nepal, there is no government aid for the poor. Annual per capita income is $700 USD. Only 44% of women and girls are literate.
PFCF has come to benefit a special home for underprivileged children in Kathmandu, and this is their story.

PFC Day 2014 Slideshow

PFC Day 2014 featured more than 450 grassroots events in 60 different countries worldwide, all put together by passionate and dedicated individuals who wanted to make a difference. Take a look at just some of the events people organized to help spread awareness of the PFC movement and support PFCF's global music education programs!