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École De Musique de Kirina

Kirina, Mali

L’Ecole de Musique de Kirina offers a dynamic music and dance program to 250 students. The creation of the program began in 2009 when Mahamadou Diabaté, brother of Grammy Award-winning Kora player, Toumani Diabaté, and a wonderful musician in his own right, approached us about building a music school in his native country of Mali. The school is located in the village of Kirina, approximately 25 miles (40 km) south of Mali’s capital city, Bamako.

Kirina is a Griot village without electricity, where the inhabitants live in humble straw roofed houses made of bricks that have dried in the sun's heat. The Griots play an essential role in Malian culture; they are the keepers of oral history and traditions, passing them on through music and poetry. Kirina has been preserving its unique musical and cultural heritage for more than 700 years and the school helps the people of Kirina preserve and share their cultural heritage and musical traditions. 

The music school offers classes in kora, djembe, balafon, dance and tama.  We introduced language classes in French and English as well as an evening class program where teachers from the public school are coming each week to the music school to give extra lessons in English, French, and Sciences. This program, destined to help compensate the very low success rate at the public school, has became a great asset for the music school as some kids are coming to attend the classes from other villages in the area.  

Through collaborations, we have supported the installation of a well, first solar-powered pump and a cistern, which provides and stores clean water to the village of more than 2,000 people.

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Djembe (Hand Drum)

Locally made instrument benefiting a child and village craftsman.

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Provides a locally made n'gony (string instrument), benefiting a child and local craftsman

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Meet our Students


Nouhoum is a 15-year-old student at Ecole de Musique de Kirina, in Mali. He has studied... more


Alou is a 16-year-old young man who studies kora at the music school. He is the grandson... more


Dec 28, 2015

Music Unites Schools in Mali and Brazil (Video)

To welcome their new friends to the PFCF family, students and staff at École de Musique de Kirina in Mali recorded a groove and dedicated it to the Cajuru Music School in Curitiba, Brazil. more

Life in the Community

For more than 70 generations the Griot inhabitants of this village have been the keepers of African oral tradition. Music is in their blood, and this rich cultural heritage that dates back to the 13th century is alive and well in and the families that make their homes here.

What We're Learning

  • Traditional West-African Music Education

    Following the centuries-old Griot traditions, these classes focus on teaching traditional instruments such as Kora, Balafon, Tama, Djembé, and introduce an approach to musical theory. Classes are also given in dance, chant, English and French.

  • Kora

    The kora is a traditional West African instrument made with a large calabash, which is a type of gourdnative to the area. The kora is the "king" of the instruments in the Griot culture. It traditionally has 21 strings and according to the legend,...

  • Djembe

    The djembé is maybe the most popular West African instrument. The djembé is a native percussion instrument in Kirina as its origins are traditionally located between Guinea (50 km south from Kirina) and Bamako ( 50 km north of Kirina). In the...

  • Dance

    Almost every kid in Kirina could hold their own with professional dancers in western countries. The dance is a natural discipline that every kid learns from his very early age. The dance classes at the school are pure moments of joy and music. Most of the students are girls and all the classes are given by our extraordinary dance teacher, Oumou Mariko, and accompanied by a local percussion band.

  • French & English

    In addition to the music classes, our mission is to help the kids to prepare for their future in other ways. We decided to introduce language classes at the music school after an agreement with the teachers of the public school. The idea of those...

  • Musical History and Theory

    One of the dreams of Mahamadou Diabaté, director of the music school, is to be able to work with the students to transcribe popular local themes to sheet music. This is in paradox to the oral tradition of the Griots, but it is Diabate's bope that...

  • Tama

    The Tama or “Talking Drum” is a traditional percussion instrument very popular all over West Africa. It is traditionally a Griot instrument and it is considered one of the oldest percussion instruments in West Africa. The particularity of this...

  • Dun Dun

    The dun dun is a traditional bass drum very popular in all West Africa that usually accompanies Djembé.

  • Ngoni

    The ngoni or "n'goni" is a string instrument originating in West Africa. Its body is made of wood or calabash with dried animal (often goat) skin stretched over it like a drum. This ngoni is called a "djeli ngoni", played by griots to perform at...


Mahamadou Diabaté

Creative Director and Percussion Teacher Ecole de Musique de Kirina Creative Director... more

Jean Diarrah

French teacher École de Musique de Kirina French teacher and assistant for... more

Seydou Dembelé

Head administrator École de Musique de Kirina Seydou is an English teacher... more

Seydou Koné

Percussion teacher École de Musique de Kirina Seydou Koné is a master... more

Ladji Diabaté

Kora teacher École de Musique de Kirina Ladji Diabaté is a renowned... more

Mountaga Sissoko

Tama & Ngoni teacher École de Musique de Kirina Mountaga Sissoko is a... more


Percussion leader École de Musique de Kirina Master "djembéfola" and... more

Oumou Mariko

Dance teacher École de musique de Kirina Dance teacher. Oumou is a singer and... more

Karounga Diabaté

Balafon teacher École de Musique de Kirina Balafon teacher. Karounga is the... more