Musica Music Institute

Patan, Lalitpur District, Nepal

The Hari Kul Music Program has been a source of music and inspiration for young people in the Lalitpur district of Nepal for the past three years. We have been honored and humbled by Hari’s dedication to serve and his skill as an artisan. The music program that began in his humble drum shop has expanded into the newly-founded Musica Music Institute. 

The PFCF team consistently works to make sure the schools and programs are supported, and that the teachers, students, and surrounding communities are being heard and able to access all that the programs have to offer. We listened to the community, students and teachers at the Hari Kul program and we worked with them to identify the best ways to grow and strengthen what Hari has created.

We decided together that it’s time to take the program in a new direction. The legacy Hari began will continue by expanding the music program in Lalitpur to include more teachers, more students and to become our first public music program in Nepal. Through Hari’s work we have seen the students grow as people and musicians, some have now become teachers who will take what they’ve been taught and share that knowledge with other children.

The new, expanded program has access to computers, the ability to introduce recording classes and will hold more public performances so the students can showcase what they’ve learned. The program, now titled the Musica Music Institute in Laliptur District, Nepal is lead by seven talented teachers and over forty students attending music classes in vocals, keyboard, guitar and drums. Hari will continue to be involved in the program as a mentor and lead workshops with the students.

The Musica Music Institute is already establishing itself as a source of inspiration and creative expression for Nepali youth. We’re excited about the new possibilities this program will bring.

  • Meet the students and teachers of the Hari Kul school in Lalitpur, Nepal

  • For years, Hari Kul has taken in children who have no means of support, and freely teaches them music. 



Madal drum

Provides a madal drum, benefiting a child and local craftsman

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Building Materials

Buys materials to repair and expand the school building and outdoor classroom

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Apr 29, 2015


by Shauna Murray

Since our first trip to Nepal to film and record musicians nearly ten years ago, we have been privileged to experience the profound beauty of the Nepali people and culture—they are among the most welcoming, kind and generous people in the world. They are family. In recent days, we have joined you and the global community to send our love and thoughts to the people of Nepal. We have been anxious to hear from many treasured members of the Playing For Change family in the wake of the devastating earthquake. With two PFC Foundation music programs located in the hardest-hit areas in and around Kathmandu, we are elated and deeply grateful to let you know that the students, teachers, musicians and staff have survived…


Lalitpur sub-metropolitan city, popularly known as Patan, is one of the most vibrant cities of Nepal. It is located 5 kilometers south-east of Kathmandu and its urban history dating back to as far as 2300 years. Lalitpur is simple, but full of tourists during the high season. The daily life in the city can be busy and bustling most days, with customers visiting the many local shops and families either taking their children to school or joining for prayer at a temple in the famous and beautiful, Patan Dubar Square.

The city is also renowned the world over for its traditional Nepali art and craftsmanship, and has been home to a number of famous artists and master craftsmen that produce beautiful thangka paintings, jewelry, and metalworks, to name a few.

  • Vocals

    Expression through the use of the human voice is very important in Nepalese culture. Our music students are learning western-style singing, Nepali folksongs and traditional music.

    … more

  • Keyboard

    Former student, now instructor Lama Maya teaches keyboards and basic notation to the students. There's also harmonium as well as modern-day keyboards.

    … more

  • Guitar

    The guitar, a common instrument in the west was somewhat foreign to the youth at our program in Nepal. After instruction and some practice, several Musica students were able to pick up on the string instrument almost instantly, a pleasant surprise...

    … more

  • Drums

    The students at Musica are learning to play on a standard drum kit consisting of a snare drum, bass (or kick) drum, tom-tom drums, a hi-hat and cymbals.

    … more

  • Dinesh and Mahesh Nakarmi

    Dinesh & Mahesh are deeply grateful to be a part of the Playing for Change family. We are inspired by their gentleness and grace. You will be hearing a lot more about them and the extraordinary students that come together to form a most dynamic program in Lalitpur, Nepal.

  • Lama Maya

    Lama Maya began as a young music student with the Hari Kul music program and now she has evolved to become a keyboard teacher herself with the Musica Music Institute. Congratulations Lama Maya for working so hard to make your dream come true.