Meet with Victor, Music teacher at the Salam Music Program in Uganda

Music teacher, Salam Music Program, Uganda Victor is a musician and teacher from northern Uganda who lives in the Bidibidi refugee settlement and serves as a music teacher at the Salam Music Program. He has been teaching maths and science in the area after graduating from the Univesity of Kyambogo in 2015. Victor joined the … Read More

Meet with Sylvain, Executive Director of the Salam Music Program in Uganda

Executive Director, Salam Music Program, Uganda Sylvain Himbana was born in Bukavu, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In 2010 he left his home country to reach Uganda as a refugee, where he founded Sina Loketa, a non-profit organization dedicated to support the lives or refugees and disadvantaged communities in northern Uganda. Playing For … Read More

New Music Program in Uganda!

With great excitement, PFCF would like to announce our newest program in the Bidi Bidi Refugee Settlement in northern Uganda! Operated by local partner Sina Loketa, the Salam Music Program works to build peace among refugee communities and youth from South Sudan, the DRC, and host national Ugandans. Sina Loketa is an award winning, refugee-led … Read More

Naji Alamrani

Chamra & Guitar Traditional Workshop Coordinator Joudour Sahara Music Program Naji Alamrani is a talented guitarist and vocalist who specializes in the Hassani music style popular in southern Morocco and across other Saharan countries like Mauritania as well. Naji has performed professionally at such festivals like Festival Taragalte and Festival Nomade in M’hamid El Ghizlane, … Read More

Mohammed Sabir

Modern Workshop Coordinator Joudour Sahara Music Program Sabir is from the city of Ouarzazate north of M’hamid El Ghizlane, and is a talented drummer and percussionist. He teaches modern percussion styles to Joudour Sahara students, and supports other projects like preparing Joudour Sahara music students to record at Studio Hiba in Casablanca in November 2021. … Read More

A Song from the Joudour Sahara Students featuring Roberto Luti

Ya Laalam Chof Adounia by Joudour Sahara Music Program students featuring PFC family member Roberto Luti! This video and original song by Joudour Sahara music student Anas Labdeaa is the culmination of a music residency in Morocco between Roberto and Joudour Sahara teachers and students in early November 2021. Roberto returned to Morocco at the … Read More