Whitney Kroenke

   President and Co-Founder Whitney Kroenke has been a part of the Playing For Change family since meeting Mark Johnson for coffee in August of 2001 to discuss “a really interesting idea” that he wanted to explore. At that meeting Playing For Change was born! She has participated in the Playing For Change Movement in … Read More

Musical Roots & Cultural Connections

Bizung School of Music & Dance – Ghana Mohammed Alidu, founder of the of the PFCF music school in Tamale, Ghana, invites you to discover the school and its musical roots. Hear the sounds of the instruments, meet with the kings of the Northern region of Ghana, and get a sneak preview of the first … Read More

Patrick Liotta

Program Director PFC Diamante, Argentina Patrick Liotta has worked as a travel photographer and photojournalist for newspapers and news agencies including the Associated Press, but has studied music since he was a child, learning piano, guitar, and later, upright bass. He lived in Los Angeles for 14 years while working in the film industry on … Read More

Jorge Amaolo

Program Director PFC Patagonia, Argentina Born in the North of Patagonia, in the province of Rio Negro, he was sent to a primary school in Salesian school and later received a construction technician degree in secondary school. He studied film and video and was founder of CECICO, the first cooperative of teaching, film, and video … Read More

Udayapur Music Program

Udayapur Music Program – Nepal In the summer of 2007, William Aura traveled to the remote village of Tintale in Nepal’s eastern valley. He was the first western man to see how the villagers there lived from day-to-day. At that time the place had no electricity, no telephones, and no modern sanitation. The people of … Read More