Joaquin Cofre

Junior Guitar teacher PFC Patagonia, Argentina : Paso Córdoba – Neuquen Joaquin is a young guitar player from General Roca, about 10 minutes from the Paso Cordoba School and draws upon his musical experience and personal journey as a guitarist to inspire and guide his students. While this marks his first official venture into teaching, … Read More

Master Musician Visits our Program in Eastern Nepal

Master musician Kiran Nepali took a visit to the Udayapur Music program in eastern Nepal to provide an amazing series of workshops to our students, in Gaighat and Tintale. Kiran comes from an ancestral family of musicians and plays the traditional nepali violin; the sarangi. His approach is to demonstrate how traditional music can be … Read More

Juan Carlos Asprilla Mosquera

Songwriting and vocal teacher Programa Musical Bogando Juan Carlos was born in Condoto-Chocó, Colombia. He is a normalista, a business administrator, holds a master’s degree in cultural and audiovisual management and production, and has studied Fundraising at the University of Los Andes. He has also received training at SENA, completed a diploma in music composition … Read More

Edward Edinson Minotta Mosquera

Music teacher Programa Musical Bogando Edward Edinson Minotta Mosquera is originally from Quibdó – Chocó, and he holds a degree in Music and Dance. Currently, he works as a teacher of Peace Bands and Dance as part of the Music for Peace and Coexistence Project. A phrase that identifies him and describes his pedagogical or … Read More

Neyvo Junior Moreno Cuesta

Music teacher Programa Musical Bogando Neyvo is from Quibdó—Chocó, and he currently works as a music teacher specializing in music theory and instrumentation in the “Music for Peace and Coexistence” Project. A phrase that represents him is: “musical practice always leaves positive results in your body and heart.” Neyvo is a musician from Quibdó, the … Read More