Nov 12
Imvula Music Program

Music is Love

Tiana Marwanqana

Molo (Greetings) from South Africa!

My name is Tiana and I was born and raised in “Gugs,” just outside Cape Town. I've always wanted to study music, but most places in town are expensive. One day my mother came home with the enrollment form from Ntonga Music School. I started to attend the day after, which was two years ago now.  Since then I’ve never looked back.

Music has just changed everything in my life. I see life in a different way now.

I spend six days per week at the school
and practice between 3 and 4 hours every day.

I want people to respect and understand my craft because music is in me, I breathe it everyday.  It's my passion. When I perform, I don't want to just play, I want to tell a story about my journey. I want to touch lives and heal. I want them to know that change is possible and that life is full of great things. 
Music is love. Music is me-- and I am grateful that I've been blessed.

One Love!





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