In just a few weeks, Covid-19 has now spread across 190 countries, a major crisis that has already had a huge impact on the world’s economy. This has had an oversized effect on the communities we serve and on our finances as an organization. Many of our programs are located in lower-income countries and are the most vulnerable populations to such health and economic shocks. As we rely exclusively on your generosity to create change through music and the arts, we created this emergency fund in order to raise money that will be dedicated to help balance the devastation of the Covid-19 pandemic across PFCF communities internationally. 

Please donate to this fund and help us provide our PFCF family members internationally basic medical resources that could save lives



Across Africa, community members across our 5 programs could face tremendous risk due to the lack of local and state medical resources. Many of these programs are in remote geographic areas, which may cause serious delays in providing necessary resources upon drastic spread of Covid-19. Taking proactive measures now could make all the difference. 

In Asia, the metropolitan area of Dhaka, Bangladesh where the Mirpur Music Program is located has one of the highest population densities in the world. Social distancing has become extremely difficult, especially in poorer communities like Dhaka where our programs operate. There is a desperate need for masks and gloves.




From providing emergency supplies, medical care or humanitarian support, The Playing For Change Foundation has been supporting essential needs for the community where its programs are implemented. Here are a few example of some of the work we've been doing beyond our main focus of creating change through music and the arts.

hygiene kits Distributing hygiene kits Since the start of the spread of the Covid-19, our teams are distributing hygiene kits in Mali, hand sanitizer in Nepal, masks in South Africa and hand washing supplies in Bangladesh. They’re not only sending supplies but also sharing vital information to protect themselves and each other. Nepal & Bangladesh Gimme Shelter project Gimme Shelter project In 2015, Nepal was hit by an earthquake that killed almost 10,000 people and left many more without shelter. PFCF Asian program Director led this project in order to provide temporary shelters for communities in Nepal. More than 30 bamboo shelters were built through this initiative, involving our Nepali staff and teachers. Nepal Flood in Mali Assistance after severe flood in Kirina In August 2018, a flood hit the village of Kirina, in Mali, where we created a music school. The PFC Foundation provided the whole village with elementary supplies thanks to the reactivity and generosity of our online community. Mali water distribution project Water Distribution project In 2017, after finding a water source in the village and creating a well with a solar pump, the PFC Foundation created, through the support of British musician Damon Albarn, a water distribution network in the village with 10 taps across the village. Mali Gimme Shelter Project Learn more