Joudour Sahara Music Program

Ibrahim is a native of the Sahara and has spent the majority of his life promoting the message of peace and tolerance that his upbringing in M’hamid has instilled in him. His focus in doing so has been to highlight the cultural and ethnic diversity found in the Moroccan Sahara, particularly in the Drâa River Valley where M’hamid is located, and building relationships with other Saharan countries to celebrated their shared heritage. Ibrahim and his brother Halim have created the Festival Taragalte, the Cultural Caravan of Peace, bringing artists and musicians to and from different Saharan festivals, the Carpet of Life, and now, the Joudour Sahara Music School to provide a structured arts education for the youth of his home, M’hamid El Ghizlane. Ibrahim has also helped enlist international support for the development of his native Sahara, most notably ButterflyWorks and the Sahara Roots Foundation, both of which hail from Holland.