Sister School Curriculum Coordinator

Jen-Osha is a lifelong musician activist who has devoted much of her time to harnessing the healing and storytelling power of music to support coalfield communities and end mountaintop removal coal mining.  She is really proud of being named one of West Virginia’s Wonder Women in 2014.  Since she co-founded the environmental nonprofit Aurora Lights in 1998, she has co-produced two compilation CDs and a website to raise funds and educate about the impacts of mountaintop removal mining. An irrepressible activist, she was a prominent coordinator in the emergency response to the January 2014 chemical leak in Charleston. Her primary instruments are piano and Irish whistle, but she dabbles in banjo, guitar, and anything else she can get her hands on.  She has participated in diverse musical groups such as Sang Run (Celtic group based in West Virginia) Los Chingui Chiringuis (Rock band based in Riobamba, Ecuador), played piano in a traveling country and blues band, to performing Brahms’ Requiem at Lincoln Center with the Yale Camaratta in 2000; She currently teaches music and Spanish at Morgantown Learning Academy and directs the Mountain Stewardship and Outdoor Leadership School.