Meet with Abril, from Cinco Saltos, Patagonia, Argentina

PFC Patagonia, Argentina   Watch Abril cover “Breathin” by Ariana Grande and see how participating in our music program in Argentina has positively impacted her life. Abril (aka Abi) joined the PFC Patagonia music program in 2018 at the age of 13 years old. She and her sister Maia joined the program in Cinco Saltos … Read More

Meet with Naji, music student in Morocco

Joudour Sahara Music Program, M’Hamid El Ghizlane, Morocco Naji, a 14 year old student at the Joudour Sahara Music Program in M’hamid el Ghizlane, draws his inspiration from playing music. After a couple years at the program, he’s shown tremendous growth. Watch this video of his performance singing and playing a beautiful Saharan song called … Read More

Meet With Jacques, Music Student in Rwanda

  Quarantines and school closures haven’t stopped the young people of Playing For Change Foundation from learning and playing music. Meet Jacques, one of the talented students from the Ubuntu Music Program in Rwanda. Despite lockdowns and other challenges, Jacques at only 14 years old not only continues to play guitar he also wants to … Read More

Youssef Hamma

Joudour Sahara Music Program, M’Hamid El Ghizlane, Morocco Youssef is a 14-year-old young percussionist who loves to play along to the traditional Chamra music of the Aarib tribe. At Joudour Sahara, he is also learning model styles on the djembe, derboka, as well as other traditional styles. Youssef has formed a youth group at Joudour … Read More

Youssef Lagdeh

Joudour Sahara Music Program, M’Hamid El Ghizlane, Morocco Youssef is a 14-year-old student known around M’hamid as “LaGdeh”, is a percussion student at Joudour Sahara. He learned to play the traditional drum “tabal” of the Rokba music tradition belonging to the Daraoua people, and now also learns different African styles of percussion such as the … Read More

Ayyoub Zahaf

Joudour Sahara Music Program, M’Hamid El Ghizlane, Morocco Ayyoub is a 16-year-old talented guitar student from the Aaarib tribe who shows tremendous promise. He loves playing the Hassani style of guitar popular throughout the Sahara desert. Ayyoub wants to be a professional musician when he grows up and has already performed on stage at shows … Read More

Meet with Awitra

Khlong Toey Music Program – Thailand Meet with Awitra a 16 years old student who wants to become a singer in the future and see how learning music is impacting positively her life. “Music is a way to release my troubles”

Meet with Nahuel, guitar student in Argentina

  Guitar Student PFC Patagonia, Argentina Nahuel Arin is a 12-year old guitar student at the PFC Patagonia music program and this is the second year he participates with his father in this music program. Nahuel began playing guitar at age 11 and today is part of the PFC Patagonia assembly that plays in various … Read More

Meet with Chamae

Chaimae Redouani is an 18 year old student at the Joudour Sahara Music Program in M’hamid el Ghizlane. Her family belongs to the Arib tribe of the Sahara desert, and Chaimae practices the traditional dance, or ragsa, that accompanies the ancestral Chamra music tradition of the Arib tribe.

Meet with Seema

Musica Music Institute, Kathmandu, Nepal Seema has joined the team of students at the Musica Music Institute just a few months ago and shares with us her excitement about being part of this music program. #SheHasAVoice

Meet with Yabes

Ubuntu Music Program, Rwanda Yabes is a young drummer at the Star School whose dream nothing less than to become one of the best drummers in the world. UPDATE: Yabes has now become a drum teacher at the Ubuntu Music Program. >see profile  


Joudour Sahara Music Program, M’Hamid El Ghizlane, Morocco Maryam loves to sing Roksa music, the traditional music of her tribe, the Arib. She says that at the Joudour Sahara Music School, she wishes that she can learn how to sing other types of traditional music that other tribes perform as well. Maryam thinks that M’hamid … Read More

Meet with Somed

Bizung School of Music & Dance – Tamale, Ghana Somed has been a student at the Bizung School of Music and Dance in Tamale, Ghana, for over 4 years. He tells us in his own words how learning music has created an amazing spirit of peace deep in his soul.

The Moment We Live For

Dinesh is twelve years old and a student at the Mitrata Nepal Music Program in Kathmandu, Nepal. Each Saturday morning, the students all gather to practice drumming and dancing. Dinesh told us he feels proud because “I get some important knowledge by learning music in the classes.” He is currently working on his skills playing … Read More

Meet with Halik

Bizung School of Music & Dance – Tamale, Ghana Halik is from Tamale, Ghana, and has been attending the Bizung School of Music and Dance since 2011. He is very talented and studies Gon guan and gonje. Halik had the opportunity to travel with other Bizung students to the Volta Region and to Accra, the capital and … Read More

Meet with Ishowri

Mitrata Music Program – Kathmandu, Nepal Ishowri has been living at the Mitrata Orphanage for over 8 years . She has dreams of becoming a social worker one day like Mitrata founder, Nanda Kulu. She has a deep passion for change and believes dancing can make you healthy and flexible. Although she was a bit … Read More

Meet With Mok

Khlong Toey Music Program 10-year-old Mok had difficulty concentrating when he first arrived at the school, but learning music in a supportive environment has transformed him into a sweet boy and dedicated musician. In addition to singing, he plays bass (despite it being almost too big for him!) and has more recently begun learning guitar. He never misses … Read More

Meet with Motoom

  Khlong Toey Music Program Motoom plays the ukulele and melodica, and wants to starts singing more, too. She says that, “At home, there is not a lot to do,” so her mother encourages her to head to the music school to play. Motoom’s family sees how happy she is, and through that encouragement she … Read More

Meet with Sarju

  Udayapur Music Program – Nepal Sarju lives with his family in Tintale Village, Nepal, and has a younger brother, Suraj, who also attends the music program. He is a young man that seems to excel at everything he attempts. Born in the Dalit caste, Sarju would normally not have any opportunity for a formal … Read More

Meet with Aygo

Khlong Toey Music Program Aygo is a talented and spirited ukelele student at the Khlong Toey music program. She is a brave young lady who recently told her story for an upcoming Thai PBS documentary on PFCF’s efforts in Thailand. Aygo lives in a very small house in the Khlong Toey slum with 10 other … Read More

Interview with Jane

Ubuntu Music Program, Rwanda In 2013 the Playing For Change Foundation launched a new music and sports program in Masaka, a village near Rwanda’s capital city, Kigali. The program takes place at Star School, a primary and secondary school founded by Bishop Nathan Amooti that now provides education for more than 300 underprivileged children. This … Read More