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Khlong Toey Music Program

Bangkok, Thailand

After seeing PFC's "Stand By Me" video on YouTube in 2008, musicians Aom Amm and Gigi Nemrod were deeply inspired. Little did they know that simply viewing a video would soon change their lives in a profound way. Upon further investigation they read about the efforts of the Foundation and from that moment decided to model the same principles and initiate a music program for disadvantaged Thai children. The Khlong Toey Music program was founded in August 2012.

This is not just a music program, but a vital mission that helps build self-esteem and hope in young people, providing a sense of family and belonging for kids who might otherwise be on the street and vulnerable to the negative influences of drugs, gangs, and other harsh realities of daily life in the slum. There are three teachers and three additional team members who volunteer their time for the benefit of the Thai students,  including Aom and Gigi. Most of the program's music instruments were contributed by generous supporters. In addition, a recording studio, which was  funded by the generous support of local Thailand business, has opened at the school for students to learn technical skills, how to use recording software and record original songs.

Thanks to the efforts of program founders, Gigi and Aom, the Khlong Toey Music Program has a home. A rented building in the Khlong Toey slum has been transformed into a vibrant music school by teachers, volunteers and students who painted the walls and contributed their own art to make it their own. The students now have a safe place to learn music, dance and enjoy being children.

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Repairs two instruments

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Meet our Students


Aygo is a talented and spirited ukelele student at the Khlong Toey music program. She is... more


Folk is studying drums and ranat (a type of xylophone in Thailand) which makes him very... more


Dec 16, 2015

One Act of Compassion

The Joy Business is alive and well! PFCF students and teachers in Bangkok, Thailand, wanted help their friends in Nepal after the earthquake. They organized an event, and long-time PFC musician and band member, Clarence Bekker, joined the group for a week of workshops, rehearsals and performance. In addition to having lots of fun, they raised $3,000 to build transitional housing for six families. more

Life in the Community

This notorious area in south Bangkok is home to about 100,000 people. People at Khlong Toey face many problems typical of a slum area. The vicious cycle of poverty also makes it hard to break from engaging in criminal activity as well as drug and alcohol dependence. With such social and financial problems, the children are often prevented from receiving a proper education.

What We're Learning

  • Acoustic Guitar

  • Bass Guitar

Geraldine "Gigi" Nemrod
Program Co-Founder

A musician since the age of eight, Gigi arrived in Bangkok from France in 2009 and first... more

Siriporn "Amm" Pomwong
Program Co-Founder

After realizing that she loved music at an early age, Amm began learning guitar at the... more

Chartmongkol "Heart" Sinwon
Music & Vocal Teacher

Heart started playing music at the age of 9. He started with drums but at that time he... more

Pitawat "Aum" Supamit
Guitar Teacher

Aum started to learn music when he was 12 years old. He graduated from Bansomdejchaopraya... more