Khlong Toey Music Program

PLAYING FOR NEPAL - ONE ACT OF KINDNESS: a Benefit Concert in Thailand for Nepal

by William Aura

I have never experienced an event where there was so much deep concern for their fellow man. It’s still sharp in my mind that as our dear Thai friend Atom spoke to the crowd about the heartbreaking conditions in Nepal - he openly wept.

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Music Is My Loyal Friend

by Kayla Clancy

“Expressing yourself through an instrument helps calm the inner spirit.” ~Daniel Dupont, past and present PFC Day event host

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Mirpur Music Program

Discover The Mirpur Music Program in Bangladesh

by PFC Foundation

We are thrilled to announce the official launch of the Mirpur Music program, in Dakha Bangladesh, who provides music education to 500 children. Lead by our two teachers Tuhin and Rakib the program is developed across several elementary and primary schools in the area of Mirpur through a partnership with local NPO SpaandanB.


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