Bizung School of Music and Dance

Lunga, Dondon, Talking Drum

by Shauna Murray

The Dagomba people of Northern Ghana have a long tradition of using music as a way to pass down the history of the region and its people from generation to generation. The primary musical instruments of the Dagombas are drums, specifically the lunga (often referred to as the dondon or “talking drum”) and the gungon.

The lunga is an hourglass-shaped, double-headed tension drum carved from tree wood and fitted with animal skin over each end and leather strings along the sides that can be tightened or released by the player to change the pitch, creating a spectrum of high and low sounds.  The pitches can vary over an octave with many variations in between. The “talking drum” name comes from the way that the drum can be tuned and the manipulated to carry tones and inflections that sound similar to the human voice.

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Playing For Change and Autism Awareness in Argentina

by María Ángeles Jiménez Sigstad, PFC Day Event Host

Playing For Change Day event creator María Ángeles Jiménez Sigstad is paving the way for young adults to take matters into their own hands and stand up what they believe in. Her empowering work to use music and Playing For Change Day as an opportunity to educate others about her brother’s Autism disorder truly touched us and we would like to share the story of her hard work and dedication.

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Delta Air Lines Announces Sponsorship!

by PFC Day

We are excited to announce Delta Air Lines as the OFFICIAL AIRLINE SPONSOR of Playing For Change Day 2014.
Delta Air Lines is one of the world’s largest global airlines, helping more than 160 million travelers get to the places they want to go to each year. Delta is a proud sponsor of the Playing For Change Foundation and the official airline of PFC Day 2014.

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