May 14th


This stunning event supporting sustainable change through the power of music will take place on Saturday, May 14th at the Faena Forum, 3300-3398 Collins Ave, MIAMI, FL.

Honoring the legendary artists Luis Fonsi and Paula Abdul, alongside a 500-person, invitation-only guest list, major artists, an auction and after-party at the Faena Theater, this event is one you'll remember for years ahead.

Please join us and help those who need it most. We all speak music.

Dress Code
Cocktail Attire / Miami Chic

Cocktail Hour: 7:30-8:30
Program Begins at 8:30
After Party is at the Faena Theatre right across the street

Valet parking available, though we encourage Uber/Lyft

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Playing For Change Foundation is not interested in slapping a company logo onto a sign or invitation and calling it a day for our sponsors. We are looking to work with you to create new and interesting opportunities where your company can individualize your sponsorship level and benefits with Playing For Change Foundation.

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In order to change the world through music and arts education, you need global vision and localized action. Each PFCF program is designed and led by the community they serve, focused on tackling local issues in addition to providing vital classes in a safe environment.

While each program is in a highly challenged area economically, they are rich in a vibrant culture that is used to inspire and create opportunity well beyond current situations. We’re not only helping build futures, we're creating centers that help entire communities reach beyond the challenges they are facing. 

PFCF serves the whole community and adapts to their needs, so when a crisis strikes like Covid-19, food and health supplies are given to every student family in need.


PFCF has launched 17 music programs across the globe in Bangladesh, Brazil, Ghana, Mali, Nepal, Rwanda, South Africa, Morocco, Mexico, Argentina, Thailand, Uganda and Costa Rica.

Every week, thousands of young people attend over 300 hours of free classes in music, dance, languages and musical theory, all taught by qualified local teachers. PFCF also supports the community in other ways, such as clean water, tackling local issues, and providing medical and emergency assistance.