Playing For Change Foundation now supports 2 music programs in Patagonia, Cinco Saltos and Paso Córdoba/Neuquén.

Our work in Cinco Saltos started in 2017 through a partnership with the municipality, and since then has transitioned to a music program hosted at two different locations in Cinco Saltos and El Arroyón. The program began as an artistic and cultural alternative to help counterbalance social issues among youth. Since 2018 over 70 students are attending the program where they’re given an opportunity to learn guitar, percussion, vocals and participate in regular audio recording and Hip Hop workshops.

Then in 2022 the program was extended to a place on the outskirts of the city called “El Arroyón” where, teachers and students with the support of the local community built a 50-square-meter space where about 25 students attend each week.

This program has a team of 8 experienced teachers who lead creative musical activities every week, in 2 locations where these kinds of opportunities are tremendously lacking.


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Cinco Saltos is a 30,000 inhabitants city in the province of Río Negro, Patagonia, Argentina, located on the eastern side of the valley of the Neuquén River. The name Cinco Saltos (literally "Five Waterfalls") refers to the five-level steps of the canal that starts upstream at the Ingeniero Ballester Dam and passes by the eastern limit of the city.

El Arroyón is a neighborood located on the banks of an artificial water course that feeds Lake Pellegrini, in the suburbs of Cinco Saltos. El Arroyón is a quite isolated place and our programming there is essentially the only access point to free cultural and musical activities in the area.