Vocal Teacher

PFC Patagonia, Argentina (Cinco Saltos)

My name is Natalia Carrizo, I was born in Buenos Aires in 1984. My parents visited Río Negro on vacation and fell in love with its landscapes, deciding that this would be the best place to raise his family. We are eight siblings, of which I am the eldest. Our mother taught us to sing from the crib, so we grew up loving music. Growing up in a Christian home, I had the joy of living surrounded by songs and instruments. From a very young age I participated in the church children’s choir. Due to my musical aptitudes, I decided to study music, initially in high school and then at IUPA (Patagonian University of Arts).

I have traveled to many places to carry out workshops all across Argentina. as well as in Chile and Paraguay. Currently I continue to give private vocal lessons. I received the invitation to be part of the Playing for Change Foundation, from David Galdame, whom for the love of music that unites us, I have known for a lot of time. I am very excited to be able to accompany the boys, in the development of their journey music and thus enhance their talents.


Expressing in words what music IS and MEANS to me is quite difficult!

It’s like AIR… It has the ability to oxygenate every moment of life…

It is exalted air from the depths of your interior with a melody that expresses and manifests
every emotion.

Music transports you… It has the ability to break with the measure of time and space…
Music is art that comes from you. When you merge with your instrument, be it your
vocal cords or other instrument… You have the ability to express your art in its noblest
form. It is that moment in which YOU ARE NOT AFRAID TO EXPRESS WHO YOU ARE AND

Music is that flow, that impetuous river that takes you further than you ever thought
arrive… Because you are always growing… Learning… Changing

It’s that state of constant discovery.