Percussion teacher

PFC Patagonia, Argentina (Cinco Saltos)

Hi, I’m Eduardo Diser, I’m 42 years old, I’m a musician Educator and drum luthier, I developed in the percussion area, starting to learn drums at the age of 15 at the Casa de la Música in the city of Cipolletti, Rio Negro where I live at the moment. From that moment in my life I was dabbling in various musical groups of various genres, such as Rock, jazz, funk, blues, Latin American folk music and fusion groups, constantly developing in the study of Percussion and its various expressions and variety. of instruments. At the age of 20 I began to give Drums classes, teaching what I had learned and experienced up to now, which was the motivating engine for constant improvement added to my spirit of search. I gave classes at the Casa de la Música de Cipolletti, in the Santa Cecilia de Cipolletti workshops, privately, and in the Children’s Youth Orchestra of Latin American folk music “Amulen” by Cipolletti as the person in charge of teaching percussion. The teaching of classes and the need for the maintenance, repair and equipment of instruments led me to venture into drum crafting, which I have been developing professionally for 9 years.

Music in my life was a door to socialization, it helped me develop a confident, proactive and project-entrepreneurial personality.

Music for me means the possibility of developing as a person always towards healthy growth, it allows me to express all the creativity that comes out of my mind and my feelings, it keeps me in the here and now, since it develops active attention, from listening and communication with others and also allows me to dream and project myself creatively.