Music Workshop | Imvula Music Program

The Imvula Music Program in Gugulethu, Cape Town South Africa held a music workshop with Playing For Change Band member Mermans Mosengo, who demonstrated blues music for the students. He said that “Sometimes when there’s a lot of pain, a lot of suffering, music is the way to overcome these pains,” and we at the PFCF … Read More

Balafon Performance | Kirina, Mali

Ecole de Musique de Kirina- Mali PFCF music students Lamine and Moussa Kouyate at the École De Musique de Kirina dedicate their performance of the balafon  to the PFCF family and community. SUPPORT THIS PROGRAM

My return to Ghana

    By Thea Karki One of the things that struck me during my return trip to Ghana was talent, and how it can come from almost anywhere. And that when it is recognized and cultivated incredible things can happen. The first day I visited the Bizung School I sat in a classroom talking to the … Read More

Music And Dance at Bizung (Ghana)

  In early July, students from Tufts University traveled to Ghana to visit the Bizung School of Music & Dance. While the students were there they learned about the local culture through traditional African drumming and dance classes; in addition they had the opportunity to exchange ideas and share their culture with the students and … Read More

“The Lion Sleeps Tonight” on Marimba

Enjoy this performance of marimba students at the Imvula Music Program, playing the South African tune “Mbube” known as “The Lion Sleeps tonight.” SUPPORT THIS PROGRAM

Feel The Heat ! William Aura reports from Tintale, Nepal

On the road again. PFCF Nepal administrator Ishor Bajracharya and myself depart Lalitpur on a rock n’ roll 10-hour jeep ride to remote Tintale village in the Udayapur district of Eastern Nepal. Traveling this route is usually grueling especially when experiencing an Indian-style heat-wave that without any air conditioning quickly reaches the point of being … Read More

A vocal lesson at the Imvula Music Program in South Africa

Imvula Music Program, Gugulethu, South Africa Check out this beautiful video from the Imvula Music Program Sowabo Primary School vocal students preparing for a local choir contest in case they make it.  This program brings music education to several primary & secondary schools in the Township of #Gugulethu, outside of Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa. One interesting thing is that … Read More

Join William Aura in Bangladesh

PFCF Asian program director, William Aura visits the Mirpur Music Program, in Dhaka, Bangladesh WE HAVE ARRIVED IN DHAKA Ishor, Shyam and myself were picked up at the airport by Tuhin and Raju of the PFCF music program here. All of us are enjoying learning about Bangala culture. We share food, get to know each … Read More

Ecole de Musique de Kirina celebrates International Jazz Day

Ecole de Musique de Kirina- Mali PFCF students at École De Musique de Kirina celebrate International Jazz Day with a special music lesson on jazz for the school’s teachers and students. This lesson covers the history and importance of jazz as well as practicing jazz on traditional Malian instruments, reminding us of the important African roots of jazz … Read More

Bringing Joy to the Township

  This afternoon has been very special for our music students at the Vuyani Primary School, in Gugulethu (Imvula Music Program), as they received the visit of three amazing musicians from the Republic Democratic of the Congo: Mermans Mosengo, from the Playing For Change Band, Papy « Fou de Son », and Glody, a young and talented … Read More

Listen To The Music, Change The World!

We are happy to announce that the newest Playing For Change album will be available on April 20th! > 100% of Playing For Change’s profits from this album will go to the Playing For Change Foundation Listen to the Music, available April 20th, 2018, is Playing For Change’s newest body of work comprising 12 new … Read More

A marimba class at the Imvula Music Program in South Africa

Imvula Music Program, Gugulethu, South Africa A glimpse of a marimba class at the vuyani school, in Gugulethu South Africa. Teacher Paul Matisso teaches the famous South African classic song “Qongqothwane” aka” The Click Song”,  to his young students. This traditional Xhosa song was made famous by Myriam Makeeba in the 60’s. SUPPORT THIS PROGRAM

Have You Ever Heard A Song In Tamazight?

Joudour Sahara Music Program Kasem Jardouj is a local musician from the small village of Regabi outside of M’hamid el Ghizlane. He is a self-taught musician, and in February of 2018 went on a tour with local band Generation Taragalte in Mali as part of the Cultural Caravan of Peace. He belongs to the Amazigh … Read More

A Female Guitarist In Mali??

Meet Oumou Koulsoum Diarra, a young musician who conducts workshops to the students at Playing For Change Foundation’s Ecole de Musique de Kirina in Mali. Her presence as one of the only female instrumentalists in the area is significant, and serves as an inspiration to the girls she teaches. Here she explains how the school has impacted her … Read More

An Award For The Mothers

We’re proud to announce that the Adolf Busch Award, an organization dedicated to recognizing and rewarding individuals and organizations that use music for social good, honored the Playing For Change Foundation with their annual reward, specifically to the Tintale Village Mother’s Society. The $5,000 award will support the Tintale Village Mother’s Society, located in the remote Udayapur District … Read More

If This Doesn’t Make You Want To Learn The Kora, What Will?

Boubacar studies kora at Ecole de Musique de Kirina and shares with us his interpretation of the traditional Malian tune “Kaira” in this video. Follow the project on Facebook This video has been entirely produced and posted by our local program team in Mali. SUPPORT OUR WORK


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A video update from the Tintale village Mother’s Society in Nepal

We hope you had a great holiday season, and a happy new year! Today we come to you with an update from the Mother’s Society in Nepal, a program in which 36 local women have banded together to educate rural Nepali communities about the dangers of human trafficking.  Their job has, unfortunately, only gotten harder … Read More

A Special Thank You from PFC musician Roberto Luti

Happy holidays to all of our Playing For Change family around the world! We wanted to take this time to express our gratitude to you, our supporters. For 10 years, you have stood by us and made our work possible. We love and appreciate every single one of you.  Please check out the special Thank … Read More

Introducing our new partner program in Mexico Baja Musical Arts Initiative, Tijuana, Mexico

Introducing our new partner program in Mexico

Baja Musical Arts Initiative, Tijuana, Mexico Youth in Mexico have been impacted by the growth of drug activity and violence infiltrating their neighborhoods and communities. The instability and risks that youth face in this type of environment are barriers to their education and their ability to feel safe and protected. Thankfully, there is hope. Organizations … Read More

Music Workshop in Morocco Joudour Sahara Music Program - Morocco

Music Workshop in Morocco

Joudour Sahara Music Program, M’hamid el Ghizlane, Morocco    By Thomas Duncan At Festival Taragalte in M’hamid el Ghizlane, musicians from across the Sahara gather in celebration of Saharan cultural diversity. The festival provides an opportune time for students from Joudour Sahara to learn from performing musicians, whom they can connect to with a shared cultural heritage, … Read More

Meet with Seema Musica Music Institute - Nepal

Meet with Seema

Musica Music Institute, Kathmandu, Nepal Seema has joined the team of students at the Musica Music Institute just a few months ago and shares with us her excitement about being part of this music program. #SheHasAVoice SUPPORT OUR WORK

Empowering Girls Through Music & Arts Education #SheHasAVoice

Empowering Girls Through Music & Arts Education

Our commitment to establishing gender equality in all of our schools is a natural result of working to help make this world a better place through the power of music. In our programs, which have been implemented in 11 different countries, women are using music as a tool to empower themselves, reconnect with their culture, and live a better life. … Read More

PFC DAY 2017 PLAYLIST Watch videos of PFC DAY 2017 events


WATCH VIDEOS FROM THE GLOBAL EVENT CELEBRATED THIS YEAR ACROSS 32 COUNTRIES   Thank you so much for being with us this year again! See you in 2018… Albi PFC day 2017 Taragalte playing for change day teaser 2017 Festival Playing for Change a Cala Llonga Playing for Change Day – OBSM – Roar (Katy… … Read More

Saïba Diabaté Kora teacher

Saïba Diabaté

Saïba is a kora player who grew up in a Griot family where almost everybody plays music or sings. His grandmother, Dédé Kouyaté is a renowned female Griot singer in Mali.

Saïba is currently studying law at the University of Mali. He played kora with many great Malian musicians like Ballaké Sissoko

We Are One Benefit Concert (October 3rd, 2017)

A Benefit Concert Celebrating The 10th Anniversary Of The Playing For Change Foundation, Featuring The Doobie Brothers, Paul Barrere And Fred Tackett From Little Feat, The Playing For Change Band and more.  Tuesday, October 3, at The Mayan Theater, Los Angeles, CA The concert will take place on Tuesday, October 3, at the historic Mayan … Read More

A visit at the Musica Music Institute, Kathmandu, Nepal

The Musica Music Institute is located in Kathmandu Nepal and provides music classes to 50 children and teenagers. Meet with our students, listen to them playing and singing and see how music is making a difference in their lives. Namaste SUPPORT THIS PROGRAM