Dance classes at the Cajuru Music Program in Brazil

Dance classes at the Cajuru Music Program Dance classes at the Cajuru Music Program started in April 2016. Taught by Professor Marilia Zamilian, these classes aimed to develop body skills through recreational practices, dance techniques, and improvisation games.  Getting to know the students closely and observing the social context within the community, Marilia changed her … Read More

The Birth of Change

The Birth of Change        By William Aura   “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller   Many of us believe helping and encouraging others are acts of kindness that mean something substantial today more than ever. Over the years the Playing for Change Foundation has … Read More

Providing Emergency Supplies to the Village of Kirina, Mali

  Our staff at Ecole de Musique de Kirina just came back from providing emergency resources throughout the community of Kirina, where the situation regarding basic supplies has been seriously affected by the COVID-19 crisis. Thanks to the amazing and continuous support of musician , we’ve been able to purchase 3 tons of rice, 500kg … Read More

Meet with Naji, music student in Morocco

Joudour Sahara Music Program, M’Hamid El Ghizlane, Morocco Naji, a 14 year old student at the Joudour Sahara Music Program in M’hamid el Ghizlane, draws his inspiration from playing music. After a couple years at the program, he’s shown tremendous growth. Watch this video of his performance singing and playing a beautiful Saharan song called … Read More

Live Outside workshop performance | Anu Shakya, Nepal

MUSIC IS OUR REFUGE   By William Aura Our music programs are full of beautiful stories about the way music helps young people build character. Here’s a song recorded during a LIVE OUTSIDE WORKSHOP in Kathmandu, written and performed by our dear Musica Music Institute mentor Anu Shakya. Everything was recorded using donated Audio Technica gear … Read More

Meet With Jacques, Music Student in Rwanda

  Quarantines and school closures haven’t stopped the young people of Playing For Change Foundation from learning and playing music. Meet Jacques, one of the talented students from the Ubuntu Music Program in Rwanda. Despite lockdowns and other challenges, Jacques at only 14 years old not only continues to play guitar he also wants to … Read More

Slide guitar tutorial with Roberto Luti

Here is a video tutorial with PFC band member Roberto Luti, amazing guitarist from Livorno Italy. In this video Roberto shares from his home in Italy some of the basic techniques of the slide guitar that he has been playing for the last 20 years, from the streets of New Orleans to stages all around … Read More

Three Little Birds – PFC Diamante

Playing for Change Diamante’s music program in Argentina presents the Three Little Birds Project, a version of the Bob Marley classic song performed by Argentinian musicians, as an hymn of hope and resilience. Like the great Bob said “every little thing’s gonna be all right”. Playing for Change Diamante brought together 21 leading musicians of … Read More

KTMP, Thailand

The 'Creative Wonderers' Project

    By Sarah Bain Lou Rawls said “music is the greatest communication in the world. Even if people can’t understand the language you’re singing in, they know good music when they hear it.” This is the basis of Playing for Change Foundation – an idea that music transcends languages connects us and allows everyone to … Read More

Our response to COVID-19: Food distribution in Bangladesh

  By Tuhin Asad “My name is  Tuhin Asad, I am the Program Administrator of the Mirpur Music Program in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We have nearly 900 students attending these music classes. We operate the music program with our partner in Bangladesh SpandaanB at five different locations. Kallyanpur slum, Mirpur, Dhaka is one of them. All students … Read More

Harmonica tutorial for beginners with Martín Chemes

Martín Chemes is a professional harmonica player from Rosario, Argentina and has been teaching harmonica for the last 15 years. He is the harmonica teacher at the PFCF program in Diamante, Argentina  and a featured artist of Lee Oskar harmonicas. Today we are sharing with you the first episode of a series of harmonica tutorial … Read More

Singing tutorial with Clarence Bekker

A singing video tutorial with maestro Clarence Bekker. In this video Clarence shares his experience on how he became a singer, demonstrates a few singing exercises, teaches how to play one of his own songs and shares his quarantine playlist… Follow Clarence: -Website: -Instagram: clarencebekkerband -Facebook:

Music is the Key – Playing For Change Foundation

Making a difference is as simple as making a contribution in any amount. Donate now and give the gift of positive change through music and arts education. Help us reach our December goal of $20,200 before 2020! MAKE A DONATION NOW:

Bangkok, Thailand

Welcome to the Khlong Toey Music Program, in Bangkok, Thailand

  Khlong Toey Music Program – Thailand KTMP, as we call it, is a magical oasis in the middle of an area wrought with challenges. As soon as the kids (or anyone) walks in the door they are surrounded by light, art, warmth and the sound of music coming from every floor of the 4-floor … Read More

Diamante, Argentina

PFC Diamante – Video Overview

  PFC Diamante, Argentina Meet with the team and the students at PFC Diamante and learn more about this music program located in Diamante, Entre Ríos, Argentina. Located 350km north-west of Buenos Aires, Diamante is a seedbed for musicians, however it didn’t have a space where traditional music was being taught for free and dedicated … Read More

Our team reports from our music program in Bangladesh

A video update from Dhaka, Bangladesh, where our team is visiting our students and staff at the Mirpur Music Program. Meet with our executive director, Jake Groshong and hear his testimony from the ground in Bangladesh.

Udayapur Community VIPs Honor Mother’s Society 10 Years Of Service

  By William Aura Mother’s Society member Sarita Khadka and daughter Subeksha.   Tintale Village, Nepal | In the final days of our time in Tintale village, PFCF administrator Shyam Basnet receives a call from Bhim Kumari Raut – the vice mayor of Katari municipality. She accepts his invitation to meet representatives from PFCF and publically … Read More

Tamale, Ghana

Bizung students perform the Sinte dance

Bizung School Of Music & Dance We are happy to share with you this video recorded at The Bizung School of Music & Dance with our students performing the Sinte dance, a traditional dance from Guinea.

Playing For Change Day 2019: September 21st | Join the global event

PLAYING FOR CHANGE DAY was created in 2011 to unite the global community through the power of music. On Playing For Change Day, communities will gather as musicians and music lovers from all over the world to perform on stages, street corners, schools, yoga studios, and cafes all with the goal of bringing music into … Read More

Students from The Ohio State University visit our music program in Ghana

  A group of business students from The Ohio State University are currently at the Bizung School of Music & Dance in Tamale, Ghana working on a consulting project focused on making the on-site recording studio into a sustainable revenue source. Student Megan Fisher shares the group’s experience at this music and dance program: “Myself … Read More

A journey from Bangladesh to Nepal

Tuhin Asad meets with our program team in Nepal

Last week, our administrator and music teacher in Bangladesh, Tuhin Asad, returned from a trip in Nepal, where he visited several PFCF music programs. A few months ago, William Aura and Nepali program administrators Shyam Basnet and Ishor Bajracharya visited to the Mirpur Music program in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Since then Tuhin could not wait to return … Read More

Discover how lives are forever changed through the power of music and drama

  According to Unicef, 12,000 children are trafficked to India from Nepal every year. Girls and young women are treated as a commodity. Women in Nepal face many challenges due to issues of inequality and injustice in the society. Gender discrimination and gender-based violence are just some of the serious and widespread problems for women. Discover how … Read More

Meet with Thomas, program coordinator in Morocco

 Program Coordinator Joudour Sahara Music Program Thomas Duncan has been living in Morocco for over 6 years. He speaks fluent Arabic as well as several languages from Southern Morocco. Originally from the Washington, D.C. area, he started to work in Morocco with Peace Corps and joined the PFCF team 3 years ago as a … Read More