In preparation for the annual Playing For Change Day Festival in Tamale, Ghana, PFCF has organized a musical residency at the Bizung School in Ghana, bringing students and staff from Ecole de Musique de Kirina in Mali. This was the first time that the students from Mali have traveled internationally, and the gathering in Tamale this week has been filled with music, dance, and joy. Language barriers have been knocked down as all participants have been speaking to each other through music, as the Bizung School and Ecole de Musique have closely aligned shared cultural values and histories.

We have begun recording many of the participants, and present here a recording of a traditional Malian song performed by the team from Ecole. Musicians from both schools are preparing joint ensembles pieces to perform together at the festival this weekend. This residency has been a dream for years and now we are excited to to share an initial video of what has already occurred during this inspirational week in Tamale so far!


Listen to one of the song we recorded during the residency.

Jarabi: ("Beloved"): a popular traditional Malian love song.

Assetou Sissoko: vocals
Boubacar Gouem: kora
Nfaly Kouyaté: kora
Adama Diabate: balafon, tama
Mahamadou Diabate: calabash