A few weeks ago the Tintale Mother’s Society received the visit of Kishan Adhikari, a Nepali musician and actor based in Spain who has been a close friend of our Nepali team in the Udayapur region for over a decade.

This time Kishan came back to Tintale with a single goal: creating a song with the mother’s that they can use as a tool to raise awareness on women’s rights. The process of creating a song collaboratively from writing the lyrics, to finding the right melody, practising and recording has been a enriching experience for both Kishan and the Mothers as well as for the young girls attending music classes at the Udayapur Music Program in Tintale who joined for several of the sessions.


Here is an initial recording of the song, with just vocals and guitar. We hope to add more vocal and instrument tracks soon and use that song within the workshop that the mothers are carrying out in the region to fight gender inequalities and sex trafficking:



Meet with Kishan and learn more about this songwriting project:

Big Thanks to Tula Microphones for the great support!