There is a food crisis in the Bidibidi Refugee Settlement where our program the Salam Arts Program is located. Monthly food rations distributed by multiple intergovernmental bodies have been reduced and now a large segment of the South Sudanese population has been cut off entirely. Our team on the ground has reported increased suicides in the camp as people are left to choose between starvation or returning to South Sudan where a brutal civil conflict persists.

Our partner on the ground Sina Loketa has piloted an Agrofarm project over the last year, which has yielded literal tons of new food and the only refugee owned and operated oil processing machine in Zone 2 of the camp. This project is ready to scale. With your support, we can reach hundreds of farmers in Bidibidi to help bring new food to thousands, and in doing so empowering the local community to learn agricultural skills and take their futures into their own hands.


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"There is hunger in Bidibidi. We are looking to our partners, our supporters to really come together with us and make sure we support the people who really are suffering."