We’re very pleased to showcase the amazing PFC Day events organized by our music schools around the world! More than 200 musicians performed across more than 25 locations, reaching thousands of community members who came out to support our programs and celebrate music!

PFC Day has now become a marquee event at almost all of our schools, and is a great way to give back to our communities that give us so much!

We still have upcoming PFC Day events, including at the Mirpur Music Program in Dhaka, Bangladesh and in Patagonia Argentina this upcoming weekend!


In Morocco, Joudour Sahara organized the inaugural Zamane Festival from September 23 - 25, bringing students and teachers from our programs in Mali and Ghana to perform as well. Fragility Etudes (USA) also performed ensemble with more than 30 musicians and dancers on stage together from Morocco, Mali, and Ghana.

In Brazil, PFC Instituto organized events across more than 10 locations, reaching 3 thousand people across Curitiba. PFC Day has become one of their biggest days of the year and is now a major fundraiser for the music school.

In Thailand, the Paintbrush Foundation put together an outstanding musical event in Bangkok bringing together local bands and the students of the music program who performed for the first time since the end of Covid restrictions.

In Tamale Ghana, The Bizung School of Music & Dance hosted a music residency with musicians from our school in Mali and a full day of performances with multiple bands and dance groups in 2 locations in Tamale.