Musical Arts Centre (Centro de Artes Musicales) is the home base to OBC (Orchestra of Baja California), a space designed to train professional musicians and to produce diverse multidisciplinary artistic productions. Built in 2010, CAM holds many artistic and educational programs that promote the dissemination of music in diverse genres. Located in the city of Tijuana, Mexico’s border region to the USA, the Musical Arts Centre takes advantage of this neighborhood and the long musical tradition of the institution, to meet the demands of a multicultural and knowledgeable public.

Baja Musical Arts Initiative (BMAI) was founded in 2012 as a nonprofit based in New York City, whose mission is to improve the lives of children and young adults in New York City and Mexico through musical education and performances. Inspired on its parent program in Mexico - Redes 2025 (Networks 2025), BMAI has now created Redes USA in New York City to provide intensive programming, free-of-cost, to young people as a strategy to transform their lives instilling values such as team work, responsibility, discipline and respect. 

 BMAI has always looked up to initiatives, who have paved the way in the musical education field and media scope. PFCF has been a prominent example of such labor. It is a great joy and hope that we join efforts in this educational, community, social and musical movement.

Tijuana, Mexico
Partner Program



Although the program operates in the most violent and vulnerable neighborhoods of the State of Baja California, we teach music as a form to positively impact the living conditions of our students, their families, and their communities-at-large.

Three of the main issues that affect our social fabric and that we approach through the program are violence, immigration and children's rights to education.


Emiliano Lopez


Silvino Octárula

Pianist and Conductor

Pavel Loaria

Saxophonist and Choral Conductor

Dante Bazúa

Oboist and Orchestra Conductor

Dzaya Castillo

Soprano and Choir Conductor


  •  Initiation courses
    Our initiation courses for children are fun and entertaining. This program is design to engage with the child and develop their musical abilities through simple yet very functional activities.
  •  Instrument Classes
    Through an extensive network of children and youth orchestras. The classes are thought to boys and girls between the ages of seven and seventeen, who receive group classes and attend rehearsals for four hours, four times a weekly...
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  •  Choir Classes This program begins by introducing elements of music education. The method of singing which we implement, focuses on the idea that when we sing we sing with our bodies, souls and minds, which helps the child to better understand their bodies, find and express their voices.
  •  Body Movement Our program teaches that movement can communicate messages and represent actions. These activities help the children and youth to express effectively emotions during their practices and performances.
  •  Harmony: Teamwork is an important element in our teaching. Harmony provides abilities to listen and tune with others, highlighting the importance of working with the rest of your ensemble, orchestra or choir to sound and perform better.
  •  Sight Reading It is important for every musician to develop and practice sight-reading and ear training skills. Our program introduces them to the daily practice of these skills and strengthens this basic knowledge need for every musician.