This music program was initiated during the visit of the Playing For Change Band to Patagonia in November 2015 and expanded across multiple locations in the area since then.

As per 2023, PFC Patagonia consists of 2 separate music programs: Cinco Saltos and Paso Córdoba - Neuquen. The headquarters of the program is located on the south bank of the Río Negro in a protected natural area. This school was built entirely with local and natural materials and is owned and managed by our partners at Aldhyana Foundation, created by Jorge Amaolo, co-founder of this program. The methodology to teach music is inspired by the Suzuki method, which approaches music education like the transmission of a native tongue. Classes and activities are spread throughout two locations; at the school near Paso Córdoba and in nearby city Neuquén.

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locally managed


Escuela rural in Paso Córdoba: Located on the south side of the Río negro, the school is managed by our partners at Aldhyana Foundation and offers free activities for the local community ranging from percussion classes, IT, sustainable gardening, social economy and mapuche language.

Centro de Educación Mapuche "Norgvbamtuleayiñ" is a cultural center located in Neuquén and dedicated to the preservation of the Mapuche culture and language. Since 2021, PFCF supports Mapuche language classes and Mapuche music activities in this center. Twice a month, participants and teachers come to Paso Cordoba to host activities at the school to help transmit Mapuche culture and values in the community.