Junior Guitar teacher
PFC Patagonia, Argentina : Paso Córdoba – Neuquen

Joaquin is a young guitar player from General Roca, about 10 minutes from the Paso Cordoba School and draws upon his musical experience and personal journey as a guitarist to inspire and guide his students. While this marks his first official venture into teaching, Joaquin’s background includes several years of dedicated study and participation in music programs, such as his time spent in Taller de Guitarra Mosconi under the tutelage of Professor Cristian Lagos and Taller de Bandas where he honed his skills with Professor Ezequiel Salgado. Additionally, he pursued a year of advanced education at CIU of IUPA with Professor Nestor Gabriel Flores. These experiences have equipped him with technical proficiency and a deep appreciation for the transformative power of music. As he embarks on this new chapter as a teacher, Joaquin is committed to passing on his knowledge and passion to the next generation of musicians, fostering their intellectual and social development through the power of music.