Music & Dance Teacher

PFC Patagonia, Argentina : Paso Córdoba – Neuquen

Yuliana grew up in the city of Neuquén. Through her connection with the Norgvbamtuleayiñ center, a Mapuche cultural center in Neuquen, where she has been working for over 10 years, Yuliana became a dance teacher and is currently studying contemporary dance. Currently, she works as an administrator at the Observatory of Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Yuliana has always been involved with music through dance, and in 2013, she studied for three years at the Superior School of Music in Neuquén. She is currently part of a group of Mapuche women musicians. To Yuliana, music is an important factor to help psychomotor development and establish relationships with others. It enhances body expression and boosts self-confidence.