Mapuche Music Teacher

PFC Patagonia, Argentina : Paso Córdoba – Neuquen

Amaru began self-studying music at a young age. He later studied music for several years with teacher Victor Zuccolli at the Other Puerto Popular Music School in the province of Neuquén. Amaru has vast experience teaching the Mapuche language, but this is the first time he has taught it through music.

Amaru has experience working with sound recording. He is also a keyboardist and vocalist in the music band “Puel Kona,” a Mapuche band that combines rock, ska, cumbia, hip hop, and other Latin genres.

In his classes, Amaru seeks to teach and share Mapuche music and, through it, the vision of its people. He also wants to show students that Mapuche music has its own way of being felt and interpreted. Amaru believes that these classes can contribute to strengthening the Mapuche identity, which is currently debilitated.