PFC Patagonia, Argentina

Born in the North of Patagonia, in the province of Rio Negro, he was sent to a primary school in Salesian school and later received a construction technician degree in secondary school. He studied film and video and was founder of CECICO, the first cooperative of teaching, film, and video production in Argentina at age 22.

Jorge has developed communication and anthropology programs with numerous communities of native populations.
He is also one of the creators of the BAC (Buenos Aires Communication), a school that incorporated New Digital Media into the educational system in the ‘90s.

In the late 90’s, Jorge became the author and director of the film school and new media of the IUPA (Instituto Universitario Patagonico de Artes).
He then co-founded the ERAP, a rural school in Paso Cordova, developing an innovative model of education for children and young people based on art, technology, and nature.

He is a fellow of the Antorchas, Rockefeller and MacArthur Foundation, and the Goethe Institute of Germany.
Jorge has been the leader of the MNE New School Movement that links educational networks and educational ecosystems working in new learning modalities and currently coordinates Playing For Change Foundation’s school in Patagonia.