The Udayapur Music Program is operating across 3 locations in the Udayapur district, located in eastern Nepal: in the village of Tintale and in the towns of Katari and Ghaigat.

This music program reaches 200 youth between the three locations, providing music education to children and teenagers that would not access this kind of activities otherwise. Facing major obstacles due to class inequality, the local team has worked for over a decade to prove to community members that music can be a powerful tool to tell the stories from the community and promote community development. Over the last decade this program has grown from a handful of students to a unique cultural and educational initiative for the whole region.

The staff is composed of 8 members teaching traditional and classical music as well as dance, providing over 100 weekly hours of music instruction to the youth of Udayapur.

Katari-Tintale, Nepal
150 students



The Udayapur district is one of the 14 districts of Province No. 1 of eastern Nepal, with a population of about 350,000 people.This region is highly multicultural, and includes over 20 ethnicities (the 3 main ones Chhetri, Rai and Magar represent about 50% of the population), several religions (with 73% Hindu, 13% Buddhist, 10% Kirat), and dozens of languages. Most people in that region actually speak 3 different languages but only half of them speak fluent Nepali.
Agriculture is by far the main activity in that region, benefiting from a very fertile soil and a tropical climate. Rice and corn fields are everywhere as well as mango and teak trees.


150 weekly students
3 locations
8 staff members
Traditional Music

Expanding the Udayapur music program

New program Location in Gaighat

Headquarters of the Udayapur District, Gaighat is located 70km east of Katari. Our principal music teacher, Sailendra Khatiwada, has launched a branch of the Udapaypur Music program in his hometown with the support of PFCF, reaching already 50 children and youth on a weekly basis.


Beyond Music

The Tintale Education Foundation: a PFCF partner program focusing on primary education

The Tintale Education Foundation is a primary school providing one of the highest quality educational experiences in the Terai region of rural Nepal, now serving approximately 360 children from Tintale and seven surrounding villages. The school employs 11 staff members, including nine teachers, a principal, and a school assistant. The school is managed through a local non -profit organization (Tintale Education Foundation) co-founded in 2006 by Shyam Basnet (Udayapur music program, Mother’s society co-founder & administrator) and PFCF team member William Aura.

The integration of music education into the educational curriculum began in early 2020 and has become a vital part of the programming, helping to retain students and increase the number of students receiving general education and music education. This school is the first school in the region that implemented compulsory music education.

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