Dance teacher

Udayapur Music Program – Nepal

Saroj, originally from Sindhuli, Bagmati Province, in eastern Nepal, spent his formative years in India. His dance passion for dance from a young age evolved into a career, commencing with the establishment of his own dance academy in Katari, specializing in hiphop. Over four years, Saroj passionately taught children the art of hiphop dance. His journey took a significant turn when he connected with Dhurba sir of the Katari music program Udayapur, leading him to join the PFCF program. His dedication and expertise were showcased in his hiphop dance academy in Gaighat. Saroj’s involvement in the PFCF program broadened his horizons, allowing him to teach traditional and hiphop dance to children.

Saroj emphasizes the importance of dance in instilling discipline, fostering creativity, building confidence, and providing an outlet for expression. He believes in making a positive impact by offering opportunities for personal growth and steering children away from negative influences.

Saroj, known as LX Basel on Facebook and Instagram, continues to share his passion for dance through social media and YouTube.