Guitar teacher

Udayapur Music Program – Nepal

Raj Kumar Magar, born in Tawashree-6, Udayapur, and raised in Baunetar village, has a background rooted in music education. After completing his bachelor’s degree at Kathmandu School in 2019, Raj Kumar has spent the last five years in Kathmandu and the last two years in Katari.

Raj Kumar’s journey in music began in 2011 as a student under the guidance of Dilip Ghising in Katari. He then continued his musical pursuits, learning under the mentorship of Dipak Moktan and contributing to various musical events, campaigns, and as a member of the AVIRAL Band. Raj Kumar has been a guitar teacher for several years and has also taken on diverse roles, including working for online store, working as a call center representative, and teaching English in a Katari school. His expertise lies in focusing on technique and maintaining discipline in his teaching approach.

Raj Kumar acknowledges the stress students face in their academic lives and believes that learning music can offer them a refreshing break and foster creativity. His own experience with music has made him more social, creative, and confident, and he encourages youth to explore music as a means of cultivating a fresh mindset. Inspired by artists like Narayan Gopal, Albatross Nepali Band, Guns N’ Roses, and Metallica, Raj Kumar views teaching as a mutual learning process, emphasizing the humility of a teacher being a student in the class.

In Raj Kumar’s reflection, he sees music as a unifying force in society, bringing people together. He recognizes the nature of today’s youth and appreciates the unique connection formed through teaching them music.