Harmonium teacher

Udayapur Music Program – Nepal

Surya Bahadur Magar, grew up in Katari, Udayapur, where he attended Shree Madhyamik Gurase and spent five years working in India, Delhi. Surya’s musical journey began at the age of 14-15, and he continued learning music in India while working as a daily wage laborer in a hotel for five years. Despite facing financial challenges, he pursued vocal training in India during Class 9. His main professional skills include harmonium, tabla, madal, and vocal. Besides his role as a music teacher, Surya continues to engage in farming, reflecting his grounded lifestyle. Surya’s introduction to the PFCF program came through an Idol event organized in Katari, where he met with our staff.

For the past ten years, Surya has been actively involved in teaching music, initially in schools and communities and currently as a music teacher in the PFCF program. He previously taught at Saughat Academy in Katari, specializing in harmonium and vocal instruction. He emphasizes the importance of music education for children, providing them with additional knowledge, building consciousness, and promoting mental stability. In the context of Katari, where youth face challenges like drug addiction, Surya believes the music program plays a crucial role in redirecting them towards positive paths. It offers a platform for youth to acquire skills, potentially leading to future careers and community impact through music.

Surya’s musical influences include artists like Shiva Pariyar, Raj Pal Rai, Prabal Kharel, Yash Kumar, and Udit Narayan Jha. In his teaching approach, he aims to impart basic skills such as saregama, sound understanding, saptak knowledge, hand techniques, discipline, and patience.

Reflecting on his journey, Surya notes the positive impact of music on his students, witnessing their happiness and temporary escape from life’s challenges during music lessons. As a music teacher making a living through music, Surya encourages his students to approach learning with sincerity, fostering a belief that they too can build careers in music.