Administrator and Co-founder

Udayapur Music Program – Tintale Village Mother’s society- Tintale Education Foundation

Shyam is from the village of Tintale in Eastern Nepal. He met with PFCF team member William Aura in the streets of Kathmandu in 2002. Together they implemented a tuition center in Tintale and a few years later a music program in the village that has evolved into the Udayapur Music Program. The tuition center has become its own non-profit organization (Tintale Education Foundation) managing a primary school with over 300 students and 11 staff members in Tintale, providing an alternative educational model that integrates music, arts and a creative approach on academics in this rural area. Shyam is also the co-founder of the Mother’s society, a collective of women fighting for gender equality and raising awareness on women’s rights in the region.

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