The Tintale Education Foundation (TEF) was created in 2003 by PFCF team members William Aura and Shyam Basnet in order to develop an educational center in the remote village of Tintale in eastern Nepal. The project started in humble conditions and has evolved to a unique primary school with over 300 students and 14 staff members. The Playing For Change Foundation is now supporting portions of the operating budget of this school and we are planning to add several grades in the next few years in order to create the first secondary school within Tintale. If most of our students come from the village there has been a substantial increase in children coming from the surrounding villages.

The school has currently three facilities, including ten classrooms, bathrooms, a computer room, an open-air courtyard, and a playground. In addition, the Mother’s Society center funded by the local municipality offers space for music and dance classes. This school is the first school in the region that implemented compulsory music education providing music lessons in traditional music, dance and singing classes. The TEF has managed to create a successful cultural and educational hub in a rural area with a tremendous impact on the life of the community.

Katari-Tintale, Nepal
300 students



Tintale is a 1500 inhabitants village located in eastern Nepal, on the lower foothills of the himalayan mountains and at the outer reaches of the Terai region. Tintale is part of the Udayapur district, and is located in a hilly rural area where large forests alternate with cultivated land.

The Tintale village was created about 50 years ago, lying by the Tawa river and is composed of over 100 houses made of teak wood, bricks or cement. Most inhabitants produce their own food and the nearest city, Katari, with about 30,000 inhabitants. The Tintale Edduc has had a real social impact on the population by increasing literacy rate among youth, reducing separation between casts and helping women and girls to know and defend their rights.


Shyam Basnet


Damodar Giri


Lokendra Giri
Science Teacher
Khadga Magar
Maths Teacher
Sanu Tamang

Office assistant

Dinesh Danuwar
English Teacher
Bishal Majhi

ICT Teacher

Jamuna Kumari Karki

Nepali Teacher

Amrita Rai

English Teacher

Samita Rai

Nepali Teacher

Rupa Danuwar

Health Educator

Nirmala Kumari Magar

Pre-School Teacher

Ajita Basnet

Pre-School Teacher

Kabita Giri

Office Assistant