PFCF's work always starts with music but extends way beyond! From providing emergency supplies, developing environmental, educational or development projects, The Playing For Change Foundation and its partners on the ground have been supporting essential needs for the community where its programs are implemented. Here are a few example of some of the work we've been doing beyond our main focus of creating change through music and the arts.


Academic education
Gender equity
Food distribution
Medical support



Since 2021, the PFC Foundation is supporting an agro farming initiative led by our at Sina Loketa in Uganda, addressing food insecurity in the largest refugee camp in Africa. Dozens of hectares are cultivated, harvested and processed every season through a creative agro farming cooperative that employs local farmers and distributes food to the most vulnerable, helping to compensate the decrease of food supplies in the settlement.




The Playing For Change Foundation is operating a primary school in eastern Nepal with more than 300 students. The school started as a humble educational initiative in the village of Tintale and has now become one of the best schools in the region, atracting students from most surrounding villages and providing high quality education as well as salaries to 20 people. The Tintale Education Foundation (TEF) is a non-profit, accredited primary school in Tintale Village that serves youth throughout the rural Udayapur district in eastern Nepal.

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The Mother’s Society has worked since 2009 to raise awareness in rural eastern Nepal on sex trafficking, gender violence, child marriage, and establishing new norms for women and girls to thrive and define their own futures. We break down barriers using storytelling, drama, and dance, engaging and empowering young girls across remote areas in Nepal to become the next generation of leaders.

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Our music program in Morocco, managed by our local partner Joudour Sahara is located in the southern Draa valley, a region that is experiencing a tremendous decline of water resources, desertification and rise of temperatures. Since 2015, Joudour Sahara is fighting on different fronts to help revitalize the Oasis of Mhamid. Hundreds of trees have been planted, a water reservoir has been built and Joudour is employing gardeners to restore the 3 layers of vegetation needed to maintain the oasis as a fertile and virtuous ecosystem.

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Several of our music program provide food and snacks to our students on a regular basis. On top of this, PFCF has been supporting food distribution across multiple countries in order to deal with emergency situations affecting the communities related to our programs. Over the last few years tons of food have been distributed in countries such as Bangladesh, Uganda, Mali, Brazil and South Africa, targeting the most fragile families and helping them to face emergency needs.


By supporting PFCF you are helping creative and sustainable development initiatives to thrive across 17 countries around the world.