First Month Of Classes At The Bizung School Of Music & Dance

The Bizung School of Music and Dance opened on May 17, 2010. Over 150 students have registered for classes and school is officially in session! PFC Band member Mohammed Alidu and his brother Abdul “Abraman” Rahaman have put together a comprehensive program of drumming, dance, xylophone, gonje, and singing. It is the 1st school of … Read More

Welcome to Tamale | Bizung School of Music & Dance

Bizung School of Music & Dance – Tamale, Ghana Students at the Bizung School of Music & Dance are learning traditional Ghanian music and dance within the school’s classrooms, and teachers are spreading these rich artistic traditions to the city’s youth.. Program Coordinator, François, created this video that will transport you into the heart of … Read More

Opening Day at Bizung School of Music and Dance

Bizung School of Music & Dance – Ghana In February 2010, the Playing For Change Foundation opened its second music school in Tamale, Ghana, hometown of PFC band member Mohammed Alidu. Alidu is the descendant of a lineage of drummer chiefs from the Northern Region of Ghana called the Bizung. The school offers classes in … Read More

Tintale Village Music Program – Nepal

Tintale Village Mother´s Society – Tintale Village, Nepal In the summer of 2007 William Aura traveled to the remote village of Tintale in Nepal’s eastern valley. He was the first western man to see how the villagers there lived from day-to-day. At that time the place had no electricity, no telephones, and no modern sanitation. … Read More