As a PFCF teacher or music student, you have been invited to use Soundtrap to learn, teach, create and share music. This page will give you an overview of the possibilities of this incredible tool.

Soundtrap is an online digital audio workstation that allows users to create music or podcasts from a browser or a mobile app.


The DAW includes inputs to record external instruments, a way to input and export MIDI files, collaboration features, Patterns BeatMaker and a built-in autotune.




1- Learn

Learn and practice music with pre-made patterns, metronomes, chord progressions and guides to help you improve as a musician.


2- Teach

Use Soundtrap for your classes and easily develop creative music activities for your students.


3- Create

Build your own songs from scratch, or using templates, record yourself easily on a computer or a phone.


4- Share

Collaborate with others and invite other teachers or PFCF students to participate to songs you created.




The first step is to accept the Soundtrap invite that was sent to you via email to create your account and access the projects.

Make sure to also download the Soundtrap mobile app from the App Store or Google Play. You must be connected to the internet to access the projects, play the songs or record yourself. You can also export projects or audio tracks at any time if you need to work "offline". Audio files can be directly shared via whatsapp from the Soundtrap mobile app.

Import audio or midi files to the projects, duplicate them, edit audio, create loops, export, collaborate with others...

Live video chat with your collaborators directly from the sessions.

You can connect to the recording sessions from any device or computer : you just need to go to and login!

Please check out the video tutorials in this page to learn the basics.

The PFCF staff will share with you specific projects or songs that you can use during your classes as an additional educational resource.


Lesson Plans

Practical application of Soundtrap for teachers

Distance Learning

Distance learning resources for teachers and music makers