Mayor inaugurates new Mother’s Society building

By Shyam Basnet

There is a beautiful new headquarters for the Mother’s Society. The Mother's Society was established a decade ago by 35 active women of Tintale Village and officially registered as a nonprofit organization in Nepal six years ago.

Since then, it is continuously raising voices against human trafficking, child labor, inequality, racism, and early marriage, which are significant issues of our nation here in Nepal.

Active members of Mother’s Society do these major activities using Music and an exhibition of arts, street drama, and other activities in communities throughout the country. As a result, our local government was impressed by their essential work and recognized its importance for our country. It made the generous decision to fund a new building, and a Mother’s Society member generously donated the land. This new facility will have an invaluable impact on the Mother’s Society’s mission for years to come and welcome a future generation of changemakers.

The Mayor and Vice Mayor of the Katari municipality recently visited Tintale Village to inaugurate the new Mother’s Society building officially.

Thanks to the PLAYING FOR CHANGE FOUNDATION and the beautiful hearts from around our globe.

Shyam Basnet


The Playing For Change Foundation is a global nonprofit organization founded in 2007 offering creative opportunities for marginalized and at risk youth, specifically in the developing
world. We believe in music as an instrument of change and extend our work to humanitarian support, community development, renewable energies, sports education and formal evening classes.

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