aura-sm-square-author  By William Aura


Playing For Change Foundation music programs work with individuals of all ages to help them communicate through music. Sometimes all that’s needed to increase the peace is to simply play a favorite song. Good folks all over the world find a comforting exuberance in music even during the most difficult times. It’s a way of dealing with a challenging world and enhancing the quality of our lives. Join us.


Episode #5: The Emotional Power of Music

Udayapur Music Program - Katari, Nepal

When sharing music together within the community there's a profound overall effect on our emotions.

Episode #4: The Expressive Power Of Music 

Udayapur Music Program - Tintale Village, Nepal 

Music helps us express a full range of emotions like most forms of expression and language.

Episode #3: Music Makes Us Feel Alive

Musica Music Institute - Lalitpur, Nepal 

Songs to help enlist positive feelings and bring peace during a challenging time.

Episode #2: The Transformative Power of Music

Musica Music Institute - Lalitpur, Nepal

Learning to play music offers a real solution for enhancing the quality of our life

Episode #1: The Therapeutic Power of Music

Udayapur Music Program - Katari, Nepal.

Everyday around the world, PFCF programs help young people build character for life.



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