A Song For the Mother's Society

A few weeks ago the Tintale Mother’s Society received the visit of Kishan Adhikari, a Nepali musician and actor based in Spain who has been a close friend of our Nepali team in the Udayapur region for over a decade. This time Kishan came back to Tintale with a single goal: creating a song with … Read More

Our schools in Mali and Ghana join for a residency in Tamale, Ghana

In preparation for the annual Playing For Change Day Festival in Tamale, Ghana, PFCF has organized a musical residency at the Bizung School in Ghana, bringing students and staff from Ecole de Musique de Kirina in Mali. This was the first time that the students from Mali have traveled internationally, and the gathering in Tamale … Read More

Meet Anu, vocal mentor at the Musica Music Institute in Nepal

    Anu started as a student at the Musica Music Institute in  Nepal when she was 16 years old.  She is now a vocal mentor at the Institute and teaches vocals and performance to our students. Our music programs are full of beautiful stories about how music helps young people build character. Watch in … Read More

Kali Devi Karki

Co-Founder Tintale Village Mothers Society Kali Devi Karki was born in Kakurthakur, Sindhuli, and co-founded the Mother’s Society. She was the first in Tintale village to work as a social worker. Devi joined the Mother’s Society because she noticed a lot of discrimination between boys and girls and that girls were being dominated by society. … Read More

Parbati Dahal

Director Tintale Village Mothers Society Parbati Dahal is the Mother’s Society Nepal director and she has been actively working in this organization for 27 years as a counselor, raising awareness, creating programs, and writing drama to express their message. As a child, Parbati was fortunate to go to school and she didn’t feel any gender … Read More

Witnessing the Power of Music

Across the world, PFCF staff and students are using and witnessing the power of music to create positive social change. We’re excited to share with you this video featuring some of PFCF’s peacemakers. Listen to their music and to their voice and see how music is changing lives thanks to your support. A big shout-out … Read More