Mitrata Nepal Music Program – Kathmandu, Nepal

Mitrata means friendship in Nepali. It’s a word that epitomizes the meaning of love, care and support. Their mission is to serve and uplift the less privileged. It has always been Nanda Kulu’s dream to establish a home for underprivileged children. Started in 2000 by Nanda this very special orphanage now provides shelter, medical care and educational opportunities for over 100 children. This is accomplished by fundraising activities, linking children in Nepal with sponsors overseas, and operationally supporting a group home. Nanda and her fine crew are dedicated to supporting these children into adulthood, assisting them in becoming healthy, economically independent, educated Nepali citizens who have the opportunity to pursue happiness in life.

These kids love to learn music, so with the help of PFCF, flutes, harmoniums, drums and Sarangis have now been procured and happily received. There are four dynamic music classes taught every Saturday morning. The children are very fortunate as the teaching staff is first rate. Kiran Nepali teaches Sarangi, Roop Chettri teaches harmonium and singing, Raman Maharjan teaches flute and brother Rameshowr Maharjan teaches the traditional Madal drum. It’s deeply inspiring to watch these dedicated musicians work with theses precious kids. We are grateful to have partnered with Nanda and her fine organization.