November 17th – Mark Danisovszky, an accomplished concert pianist and composer, and William Aura, a veteran musician and music producer and director of PFCF Asian Music Programs, have known each other for more than three decades. The two met on the San Diego music scene and have kept in touch throughout the years, and when Aura began his work with Playing For Change he would often take PFC videos with him on his visits with Mark.

Mark is the music director of a church called Vision: A Center for Spiritual Living, which is a “science of mind” church. When Mark and this group of spiritual seekers found out about Playing For Change, they felt connected to the core values and were inspired to get involved. Upon learning about Playing For Change Day, they jumped in to help and have since held three PFC Day celebrations. This year the congregation organized an exceptional day of music at Vision. All of the performances were outstanding and the musicians represented a variety of instruments and traditions, showcasing the breadth and expanse that music is capable of reaching.

Elizabeth Ahote, a musician and Native American artist, led a traditional Lakota prayer to begin the day, blessing the work the PFC Foundation is doing. As a woman who connects deeply to her own spiritual and cultural roots, she immediately connected with the women of the Tintale Village Mothers Society when she learned of their work to uplift and educate their community through music and performance.

William Aura joined the group for their PFC Day celebration and spoke as a representative of PFCF. “It is one of the most delightful programs I’ve seen,” Aura says. We think so, too. Enjoy this video from the wonderful day of music and community in San Diego, CA.


Video Filmed and Produced by William Aura for Playing For Change Foundation.
Post By Shauna Murray