Khlong Toey Music Program – Thailand

gigi By Geraldine Nemrod

Hi everyone!

I’m Gigi, co-founder and director of the Khlong Toey Music Program. Here to give you a heads up about what is happening in Thailand. We are soon celebrating our 5 years anniversary and very happy with the journey so far. It feels quite amazing to look back at all the incredible things that happened to us and realize what a long way we’ve come. Yet it all went by in the blink of an eye and there is so much left to do!

At the moment we teach music to about 40 students 3 days per week: on Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoons we hold music lessons for everyone, and on Monday evenings we teach to the more advanced ones. We’re starting weekly English lessons next month and hopefully art lessons as well by the end of the year. Our school is also regularly open to various workshops organized by volunteers: yoga, taekwondo, dance, the kids love discovering new activities!

Among the greatest news of the year, we’re finally on our way to register KTMP as a foundation. Registering here in Thailand has been one of our priorities for the past five years, but gathering the substantial amount of money required for the registration process was a real challenge. Being a foundation will give us more credit, visibility, but also access to more support from companies, charities, and grants from all over the world, thus helping us take KTMP to the next level.

Yet we don’t forget how heavily we depend on financial support, and as grateful as we are to have made it until today, we feel the urge to find a way to generate our own income and be more sustainable. Designing t-shirts, accessories, selling songs and customized instruments online have been one of our main focuses this past year.

I would like to personally introduce you here our latest campaign, the #Givebackwithmusic campaign, in collaboration with Socialgiver and

During the past year, we’ve sent 8 ukuleles to professional artists, singers and Thai celebrities, who kindly took the time to hand-paint the instruments for our program. We are now selling these one-of-a-kind ukuleles online, thanks to Socialgiver who worked hard to create a promotion campaign for us.

This is a unique way to support our charity, to get a Limited Edition instrument while allowing us to keep giving the gift of music to underprivileged children. 100% of the proceeds are going back to KTMP. You can find all the instruments here: and more information about each instrument very soon on our Facebook page!

Please help spread the word; the success of this campaign will be decisive for our school!

One love,