Mitrata Music Program, Kathmandu, Nepal

The Sarangi is a folk Nepalese string instrument. Unlike Classical Indian Sarangi, it has four strings and all of them are played. Although originally used for voice accompaniments, the Sarangi gained a reputation as a wonderful solo instrument. The technique used is to play the main strings with the tops of the fingernails of the left hand. It is bowed with a heavy bow. The instrument is made of a block of tun wood, with a goatskin stretched over the body. When played by a master, the Sarangi is capable of closely imitating the nuances of the human voice.
The sarangi is tought at the Mitrata Music program, in Kathmandu, Nepal by Kiran Nepali (pictured above), amazing teacher and member of the Nepalese folk band Kutumba.


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