Joudour Sahara Music Program

Kasem Jardouj is a local musician from the small village of Regabi outside of M'hamid el Ghizlane. He is a self-taught musician, and in February of 2018 went on a tour with local band Generation Taragalte in Mali as part of the Cultural Caravan of Peace. He belongs to the Amazigh tribe of Regabi, and writes and performs original music in his native tongue of Tamazight, as well as the local dialect of Arabic. His music influences include Touareg Rock bands Tinariwen from northern Mali and Imarhan from Algeria.

In this song, called Sbahn Allah (literal translation: "Glory be to God"), Kasem is talking about how times have changed, and reminisces about the past and how simple and peaceful things used to be. The song is sung in his native language of Tamazight. Kasem talks about how he sees family members or friends fighting with each other and wishes for peace, they way he used to see things. He says the way things have changed are for the worse, and how he wishes for peace and for family and friends to express love towards one another. He says literally "he wants peace to swim throughout the world".

Kasem just joined the staff of the Joudour Sahara music program as a music teacher. Kasem composed this song, “Sbah Allah” that was recorded and put into this video by our amazing local team in Morocco.