Learn more about the Stand By Me Scholarship Program at playingforchange.org/stand_by_me
More than a decade ago, Playing For Change was inspired when one man, Roger Ridley, sang familiar words to a popular song: “No matter who you are. No matter where you go in life. At some point, you’re gonna need somebody to stand by you.” For Co-Founder Mark Johnson, that moment ignited a passion to use music to connect people and to create a better world.
Today, more than 700 children around the world are learning music and dance every week. This is possible because people like you are willing to Stand By Them.

Stand By Me Scholarships provide funding for students to attend PFCF music programs for an entire year.
About Stand By Me Scholarships:

• All scholarships are need-based and provide access for children to learn music and dance at no cost to them.
• We visit the children and their teachers each year to offer support, ensure quality education and monitor their progress.
• Children have opportunities to perform throughout the year, enhancing collaboration, self-esteem, mastery, awareness of the program and community connection.
• Students have opportunities to connect with other children and adults around the world through emails, letters, cards, photos and musical collaborations.
• Scholarship donors receive a greeting and photo from students and a video from the program annually.
Meet some of our current students; they will inspire you. Consider funding a scholarship so that these children and their classmates can experience the joy of music in their lives and they can know what it feels like to have you stand by them.