Discover how lives are forever changed through the power of music and drama

Support our effort to bring positive change in Eastern Nepal

According to Unicef, 12,000 children are trafficked to India from Nepal every year. Girls and young women are treated as a commodity. Women in Nepal face many challenges due to issues of inequality and injustice in the society. Gender discrimination and gender-based violence are just some of the serious and widespread problems for women. Discover how lives are forever changed through your good support. This is what change looks like!

2019 marks the Mother's Society’s 10th year of providing communities in Nepal with their life-saving, life-affirming message through the power of drama, music and dance. They have been asked to bring their impactful program to farther reaches of the country, where the need is great but there is no access to this vital information. With your help, the Mother's Society's can reach over 20 villages impacting more than 9,000 people in 1 year.

Our work in the village of Tintale:


The Tintale Village Mother's Society

This collective of powerful women based in eastern Nepal utilize artistic expression to teach young girls about the perils of sex-trafficking and gender abuse.

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Music Education

Since 2009 the Playing For Change Foundation provides music education to the youth of the Tintale village and in the neighbouring town of Katari, in the Udayapur district.

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Teaching Academy

The Tintale teaching Academy was created by PFCF member William Aura in order to provide elementary and primary education in this remote village of eastern Nepal.

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$60 provides travel between villages for the Mother’s Society to perform

$120 provides venue/facility set up costs for 2 performances

$180 provides transportation for 2 Mother’s Society performances

$600 provides travel costs, a local expert, supplies, and a stipend for the members to travel to 1 village reaching up to 500 people

$1,000 provides travel costs, supplies, and a small stipend for the members to travel to 2 villages