Whether you are a classroom teacher or running an extracurricular group, we have a way for you to connect with a PFC Sister School! Through this program, your students learn about and help choose their sister school, create a PFC Sister School board to share their new discoveries, and then embark on a four step journey of global connection!

4 steps to connect with your sister school

Step 1: Choose a musical, creative, or social justice project and complete it about your own school. This first step allows for your students to honor their own heritage and culture, and then to act as teachers to share their project with their sister school. During this time, your sister school creates their own project about their school.

Step 2: Sister Schools collaborate and share through Skype or private social media, with each school teaching about their own communities through their projects..

Step 3: Choose a different project, or create your own, but this time about your Sister School! This third step promotes cross-cultural and lifelong learning among the students, and they get to learn about their new friends! During this time, your sister school learns about and creates a project for your school!

Step 4: Sister Schools collaborate, with each school presenting what they have learned about each other.

We have created resources to guide your through this process, with shared project ideas as well as specific classroom projects that fulfill social studies content standards for classroom teachers. Let’s register and get started!

>Please take a look at the Program Tiers to review the capabilities of each of our schools before choosing your sister school.


We'd like to give a shout out to the kids at West Virginia PK-8 school Morgantown Learning Academy (MLA) whose dedication and kind hearts helped to inspire us to create our new Sister School Program.