Our vision is to create a Power Ballad that captures the beautiful, authentic, timeless spirit of Nepal and its international singers and musicians that rock or will rock Nepal! The heart of the project for recording and filming “The Valley of Light” is to increase global awareness around Nepal: Two devastating earthquakes in 2015 and a slow-moving process of recovery and rebuilding.

This project is a genuine collaboration with many well known, awarded singers and musicians from Nepal and from around the globe as Tahir Qawwal (Fanna-Fi-Allah), the drummer of Macy Gary Tamir Barzilay, the flute player Manose Newa (Deva and Miten), legendary bass guitar Yossi Fine, Nagara player Solanki Nathu Lal. All those genuine stars join together with music students from Nepal, students from the music school of A.R.Rhaman in Chennai-India. Indeed, a unique musical synergy conceived and directed by Mira Arad, music arranged by Ranzen Jha .

Our mission is to create positive change through this ballad, by inspiring and uniting the people of Nepal, and the people of the world. This musical journey is an invitation to participate in an experience that transcends man-made boundaries, race, nationality, class, and join a global conversation, where we all connect, and where inspiration lives!

All funds from this project will be fully applied to the renovation of the Playing For Change Foundation’s Musica Music Institute music school in Kathmandu, whose students we recorded for the chorus of this song. www.facebook.com/musica.music.institute.